IBC Exhibitors L – M

Leader Electronics
Stand 11.A33

Leader Electronics has chosen IBC 2019 as the European launch venue for its LV5900 HD/4K/8K multi-standard waveform monitor. First announced at the Las Vegas NAB 2019 Show in April, the LV5900 is designed for content producers, broadcasters and equipment manufacturers progressing into the Super Hi-Vision standard.

“8K is a forward-looking standard which will carry the television industry into an age of wall-sized display panels and ultra-realistic cinema-style home viewing,” comments Leader Europe Managing Director Koichi Fukagawa. “The LV5900 is designed for producers who want to create content in the highest possible technical quality, not least for OB companies covering the 2020 summer of sport for 8K broadcasters such as NHK. It is a no-compromise instrument providing all the features necessary for studio operation, live sports or large-scale stage entertainment. A new Leader-developed focus detection algorithm applies nonlinear super-resolution technology even to low-contrast images for which focus errors were previously difficult to detect.”

“Leader has geared the LV5900 for a world in which 8K production becomes the affordable norm rather than an esoteric high-end option,” adds Leader Europe Business Development Manager Kevin Salvidge. “That trend in equipment availability and pricing was clearly evident at the NAB event in Vegas, encouraged both by NHK’s decision to start regular 8K broadcasting and by the gradual reduction in the price of 8K home-TV displays. 8K requires that producers take ever greater care to ensure the vast improvement in deliverable picture quality is maintained right through the delivery chain.”

Housed in a half-rack-width by 4U high portable unit with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution 9 inch front-panel monitor, the LV54900 is compatible with the SMPTE ST2082-12 standard which receives 8K images via 12G-SDI quad link. Measurement capabilities include video signal waveform display, vector display, picture display, eye pattern display, five-bar display, CIE chromaticity display, freeze error detection, black error detection and gamut error detection.

Up to four inputs can be displayed simultaneously in various user-definable configurations, or one input signal can be displayed on multiple screens. Status display allows operators to check the status of errors at any instant or compile a record of events along a user-definable timeline. Enhanced data analysis can also be performed. Operators can graphically check the phase difference and sync status of incoming SDI video based on the external reference sync signal (black burst or tri-level sync).

HDR support is provided for HLG, Dolby PQ, S-Log3, C-Log, Log-C and OOTF. In the LV54900’s Cinezone display, the brightness of the HDR area is displayed by rendering the SDR area in monochrome and the HDR area in a brightness-dependent colour.

Eye pattern and jitter can be displayed on SDI signals from HD-SDI up to to 12G-SDI. These measured values can be measured automatically or under cursor control. In addition, the histogram can be superimposed and displayed on the eye pattern display.

The LV54900 can decode and display subtitles superimposed on SDI signals, CEA-608, CEA-708 closed captions, and Teletext OP47 subtitles.

Patterns can be output in various forms, including HD multi format colour bars, 4K multi format colour bars and HDR colour bars.

Audio measurement facilities include audio-to-SDI embedding, externally input MADI audio signals, level meter display, Lissajous display, loudness display, mute and clip error detection. Detected errors can be recorded as an event log.

A screen capture function is included to capture the display screen as still image data. Also provided is a frame capture function to capture frames including blanking periods. Frame capture data can be checked on a PC and searched for errors using the frame capture viewer. Time code can be superimposed on the SDI signal and also used to timestamp logged events.


Stand 3.B62

LiveU will present its portfolio of 5G-enabled solutions for live newsgathering and dynamic sports coverage for every type of event. Looking towards the 2020 games in Tokyo, LiveU is already gearing up to support hundreds of customers with its award-winning HEVC technology.

IBC highlights include:

CREATE: HEVC 4K field units

  • LiveU’s flagship LU600 4K HEVC portable transmission solution offers flawless video with extreme bandwidth efficiency. The LU600’s latest HEVC 4K-SDI edition facilitates professional 4Kp50/60 streaming for top-quality production, supporting VR and 360 applications.
  • Our compact, robust LU300 HEVC unit for live streaming. At an attractive price-point, the LU300 HEVC solution is tailored to customers requiring a smaller field unit for high-quality video-on-the-go. Highly flexible, the LU300 can also serve as a standalone video encoder or be used as a LiveU DataBridge mobile hotspot for general connectivity in the field.
  • The professional 1U 4K HEVC rackmount, LU610 4K HEVC for vehicles and fixed locations. This powerful encoder, based on LiveU’s LU600 4K HEVC technology, offers the perfect hybrid solution for SNG trucks, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint distribution.
  • We’ll be showcasing our latest Remote At-Home Production applications for sports and live event producers, including:
  • Tally Light – bringing the ease of the live studio experience to the field, this important new tool enables field reporters to know instantly when they’re live on air via a red-light indicator connected to a LiveU unit.
  • LiveU Graphics – an easy-to-use professional cloud production tool for adding dynamic graphics to live streams. Users can simply select from ready-to-use graphic templates or create their own design and stream directly to any social media or CDN.
  • AV sync and support for up to 8 audio channels
  • LiveU Control – enabling simple remote control of LiveU units via smartphones

With precision measurement of end-to-end delay, LiveU’s Remote At-Home Production allows more events to be covered with simplified logistics and reduced costs. Multi-camera live events can be produced from a centralized studio control room instead of costly on-site production and satellite trucks.

MANAGE: Story-centric cloud AI & more

Driving meaningful content, LiveU AI offers a story-centric AI service for global newsgathering. The complete service, powered by newsbridge, offers a comprehensive set of contribution and AI-based video indexing tools for enriching, searching and accessing live or file-based content. Operating within the LiveU Central cloud management platform, LiveU AI will enable editors to search and find their required footage faster than ever, easing their daily workload and making real-time production much more efficient.

We’ll also be demonstrating our new LiveU Central feature, Single Sign On (SSO) for secure user management, integrated with the customer’s active directory or Identity as a Service (IDaaS).

DELIVER: IP video distribution

LiveU Matrix is LiveU’s next-generation IP video distribution platform, recently selected by CBS Newspath. Matrix provides a highly efficient content curation service, empowering newsroom managers to quickly and easily give hundreds of affiliates unparalleled access to live feeds from LiveU units in the field and other sources without any interruption, additional resources, or expensive fees. Matrix is also ideal for sports producers looking to live stream events easily and cost-effectively to multiple destinations and TV stations.


Stand 14.A24

Make.TV, used by leaders in news, esports, sports and entertainment to handle live video in the cloud will be at IBC2019 to showcase its award winning Live Video Cloud solution. Make.TV opens up possibilities for broadcasters of all sizes to acquire, curate, program and distribute multiple hyper-local live video sources from anywhere in the world to any destination.

“IBC2019 is the ideal place for media companies to learn about how cloud infrastructure can transform their workflows and processes” said Andreas Jacobi, CEO and co-founder of Make.TV. “Live Video Cloud enables broadcasters to enhance footage acquisition, speed up production and streamline the distribution process without compromising on quality.”


Stand 7.B44

Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, will be highlighting recent upgrades to the LogServer IP logging, monitoring and analysis system during IBC 2019.

IBC is a major showcase for the latest and most innovative broadcast technology. Mediaproxy is a regular exhibitor not only because of this but due to the conference that runs alongside the exhibition focusing on the emerging topics in TV and streaming.

Interactivity is now a major consideration for broadcasters and service providers, particularly as social media is now how many people access video. Outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have different specific requirements for how material is prepared and Mediaproxy has incorporated dedicated tools for this into LogServer. These include features for cropping the image and altering the aspect ratio to make it better suited to mobile devices, in addition to the capability for inserting ad bumpers.

LogServer also supports SMPTE standards ST 2022-6 and ST 2110 (uncompressed media over IP formats). Both of these have been deployed in the field to service the growing use of new uncompressed IP formats. Mediaproxy is offering end-users greater flexibility using those formats even in virtual environments and at scale.

LogServer also now fully supports the Ember+ control protocol, which further enhances monitoring automation and offers increased redundancy. Another upgrade is the ability to work with Mediaproxy’s Monwall IP interactive multiviewer.

Another new feature for LogServer, in addressing the needs of network operators running multiple stations and playout streams, is a live source comparison tool. This identifies mismatched content in real-time and can compare one or more live sources using video material. An alert is sent to operators immediately if irregularities are detected.

“IBC is an important show for us as well as for the industry in general,” Otto says, “As an engineering-drive company we lead through innovation. Mediaproxy is to-date one of the few companies that are able to work with uncompressed IP formats on virtualized platforms. LogServer has become the trusted solution by broadcasters worldwide to ensure that the right content is at the right place at the right time and complies with the latest standards and regulations.”


Stand 12.F20

Megahertz, the trusted partner for systems integration with years of experience in delivering cost effective, imaginative designs and solutions for fixed and mobile applications, will be showcasing Spiritland Productions’ one-of-a-kind, large format, versatile sound and video outside broadcast (OB) truck at its IBC stand 12.F20, between 13-17 September, 2019 (Rai, Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Based on an 8.5m box-body Mercedes Benz Antos rigid chassis with coachbuilding handled by Spectra Specialist Engineering Ltd., Spiritland Productions’ bespoke truck contains an end-to-end IP infrastructure. Audio runs entirely on a Dante Network, which is truly cutting edge for an OB of this specification and size. The truck is Dolby Atmos capable and was designed in collaboration with Dolby in order to provide the best possible monitoring and mix environment for live music.

The Megahertz-built luxury mobile production vehicle, named ‘Spiritland One’, was delivered to the broadcast audio specialist in early June, and went on the road following just one week of successful testing, covering a week of live television and radio broadcasts on BBC4, BBC Radio3 and BBC Radio Wales for the prestigious Cardiff Singer of the World Competition. From there it was put to use as a post production mix facility for a large-scale BBC Radio2 concert, and, at time of writing, it is currently being used for record and live mix of a Burt Bacharach special concert at the Hammersmith Apollo.

“What we most enjoy about working with Megahertz is their precision and attention to detail, as well as their level of knowledge and transparency when it comes to recommendations and guidance on manufacturers. They truly wanted us to make the absolute most of our investment,” said Gareth Iles, co-founding director of Spiritland Productions. “Having a truck working on an end-to-end IP infrastructure is incredibly efficient, not only in terms of reducing the amount of equipment we work with, but also in terms of time saved at the venue which allows us to focus our energies on creating a better sounding product.”

Drawing on the team’s vast experience of large OB, Spiritland Productions requested top of the range equipment for the truck, including an SSL System T broadcast audio production desk and console, Barefoot speakers and the KH range of Neumann monitors. The vehicle carries 128 SSL mic amps as standard, an Optocore stage system that runs both Dante and Riedel Bolero communications network, as well as eight stage MADIs that can be plugged straight into devices for greater streamlining.

“We had 18 tonnes to play with and unusually, for an audio OB truck, the majority of the weight is proportioned to the sound proofing. If we were trying to achieve this with traditional technologies, the facilities would have cost 50% more, and we would have needed a lot more space. IP-based technology is a game changer and in choosing to partner with Megahertz, we are confident the truck will continue to fulfil the technical and ergonomical requirements both now and for our customers of the future.”

Unsurprisingly Spiritland Productions, as experts in their field, delivered a clear brief regarding equipment selection and layout, including the all-IP infrastructure and flexible working positions within the truck. However, taking full advantage of Megahertz’s consultancy, design and build services, the collaboration has achieved an outstanding output for both parties.

“These types of projects, where the production company is thinking holistically about the vehicle’s ergonomics, working environment, green credentials, brand and style, on top of such an advanced technical spec, don’t come around very often,” said Jon Flay, managing director, Megahertz. “We’re honoured to be a key partner in this endeavour with Spiritland Productions.”

With Spiritland Productions heritage set firmly from the infamous Spiritland recording studios in Central London, the aesthetics of the truck were critical.

Spiritland Productions worked with Megahertz and coachbuilder, Spectra Specialist Engineering Ltd., to carefully spec and install high-quality furnishings and luxury materials into the truck, ensuring the output met the expectation and range of the high calibre of guests using the facility both now and in the future. To maximise the functionality of the interior, the layout is designed to include a removable sofa and table in the guest seating area, making the space much more versatile by increasing its size – and offering the ability to add video mixing when necessary.

Spiritland Productions already have a packed 2019, and in its first year on the road the all-IP OB truck is expected to cover some of the UK’s most high-profile festivals and concerts for both live television and radio, as well as major sporting hospitality events in Europe.