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Stands 1.C81

At IBC 2019, NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company and the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, will demonstrate how pay-TV operators and content owners can enable true digital transformation by embracing innovation and rethinking business models. This includes securing and optimising content monetisation while improving consumer satisfaction at every step of the pay-TV value chain. NAGRA’s latest technologies and solutions will be on display on stand 1.C81 from Sept. 13-17 at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam.

“The global pay-TV industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and the time for smart aggregation, monetisation and service protection is now,” said Ivan Verbesselt, SVP Marketing at NAGRA. “With the convergence of TV and video streaming, service providers find themselves at a pivotal time where they must execute on the next phase of growth. Now more than ever, success depends on the ability to anticipate the market’s rapidly changing conditions and embracing a new aggregation model that combines the best of pay-TV with the best of streaming.”

The NAGRA IBC 2019 showcase will focus on four key areas:

Scalable Service Protection: NAGRA’s holistic approach to content protection goes beyond traditional CAS and DRM technologies to ensure operators are armed to overcome the many threats levied against their services. This includes direct threats to content, as well as broader threats at the service level from the increasing adoption of IoT devices. These cloud-based solutions elegantly scale across operations of different sizes, provide online trial options and leverage adaptive security for optimal performance across a vast client device ecosystem. Solutions showcased at IBC 2019 include:

– NAGRA cloud.SSP: The advanced and modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) security services platform that comprehensively addresses all dimensions of content and service protection for the connected world.
– NAGRA Connect: A unified security client that addresses both broadband and broadcast use cases in a single client technology.
– TVkey Cloud: Designed for direct-to-TV use cases, TVkey Cloud enables operators to offer their own branded service on smart TVs without additional hardware. The IBC showcase will feature deployed references with Samsung and Panasonic.
– Conax Contego: A unified security platform that enables ready-to-deploy solutions.
– NAGRA HomeScout: An Internet of Things (IoT) solution for operators that harnesses the power of the hardware and cloud-based security to deliver on the promise of a secure connected home.

Anti-Piracy Services and Forensic Watermarking: Key components of the NAGRA Scalable Service Protection offering, these solutions enable operators, content owners and sports leagues to protect their premium live channels and VOD assets, while fighting the growing threat of illicit content sharing and commercial piracy. NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services and forensic watermarking technologies enable effective action by stopping piracy at the source, marking content delivered to devices, disrupting pirate content delivery infrastructure or blocking pirate service access by working with residential ISPs.

Engaging Consumers in the OTT Era: The latest OpenTV Suite features will highlight how operators can leverage a next-generation OVP solution to deliver an elegant super-aggregated viewing experience for a broad variety of consumer device ecosystems, including Android TV. The OpenTV Platform console gives operators the ultimate tool to drive active content monetisation and content management capabilities. Additionally:

– The combination of NAGRA cloud.SSP and OpenTV Suite allows operators to significantly fast track their Android TV journey.
– OpenTV Suite forms the ideal basis of immersive sports fan engagement for sports OTT by integrating SKIDATA digital fan engagement solutions that are proven and tested in U.S. sports arenas and can scale to large audiences with the concurrency inherent to premium live sports.
– Complementing OpenTV Suite’s modularity, Conax GO Live gives operators a turnkey end-to-end OTT multiscreen solution, enabling live TV streaming and VOD to a wide range of devices with a guaranteed deployment time of less than 30 days.

Business Performance Redefined: NAGRA will demonstrate the breadth and power of NAGRA Insight, a data and AI-driven pay-TV business performance platform designed by pay-TV experts for the pay-TV industry. NAGRA Insight provides recommendations on business actions to help operators make better strategic decisions, drive their business more effectively and improve their bottom line, every day, at scale. NAGRA Insight predicts the individual behaviour of TV viewers such as their propensity to churn, to purchase a package or to consume specific content.


Stand 14.B17

Live video streaming with ultra-low latency (ULL) is becoming more and more popular in the media environment. ULL enables new types of interactive applications and use cases to be explored, such as auctions, gaming, and webcasting. Through these interactive applications, media companies can boost audience engagement, promote content gamification, and go beyond typical broadcasting applications to open up new business opportunities. As media companies, broadcasters, and other vertical markets look to interact directly with global audiences on any desktop and mobile device, having a flexible, scalable, ULL solution is critical.At IBC2019, nanocosmos will demonstrate its world-class nanoStream Cloud, which includes the H5Live Player for delivering ULL live video. A variety of interactive video streaming applications will be highlighted.

Deliver Ultra-Low Latency Live Video Streams With nanoStream Cloud

At IBC2019, nanocosmos will showcase nanoStream Cloud, an end-to-end solution for live streaming that sets a new standard for ultra-low latency (ULL). nanoStream Cloud features H5Live Player for plug-in-free, low-latency playback (about 1 second) on any mobile and desktop browser, including Safari on iOS; a scalable CDN with a global footprint; and advanced analytics and metrics that provide improved insights throughout the entire workflow to ensure a superior quality of service for end users.

Efficient and scalable, the end-to-end solution includes support for the entire video streaming workflow, from live encoding to streaming and playback. By reducing setup, hardware, and maintenance costs, and eliminating vendor fragmentation issues, nanoStream Cloud provides media companies with a light-weight, cost-effective solution for interactive live video streaming. Stream management with bintu.live enables broadcasters to go live instantly, with auto-scaling provided by an origin and edge server for worldwide distribution.

nanocosmos Brings Thought Leadership on Live Streaming to IBC2019:

At IBC2019, nanocosmos CEO Oliver Lietz will participate in a panel discussion on “Streaming Live Events: When it MUST Be All Right on the Night.” The session will take place Monday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. in the Content Everywhere Hub — Presentation Theater located in hall 14 on stand 14.C15. It will focus on how to deliver the optimum live sports experience based on insights and knowledge gained from hands-on experience of live streaming some of the biggest sporting events to fans worldwide. In addition, the panel will discuss the growing importance of low latency and look at how gamification of content will add new dimensions to streamed live sports and esports experiences in the near future.


Net Insight
Booth 1.B40

Net Insight will be bringing expert insight and innovation with customer focus at this year’s IBC Show showcasing global leadership in media networks, resource optimization and streaming solutions.

Professional Media Transport with Nimbra

With Nimbra Virtualized Transport, global media transport and versatile remote production are at the clients’ fingertips. Ingest of live video to any cloud thanks to Net Insight’s open and reliable Nimbra Cloud Connect, and transport it in the cloud with the elastic, secure and easy-to-use Nimbra Edge.

Intelligent Resource Optimisation with ScheduALL

To optimise resources, and spend less time worrying about operational details and more time focusing on business planning and growing revenue. The Evolution of ScheduALL covers every step: from new functionality for events management, crewing, rostering and workflows, to actionable Business Intelligence – boosting the value of data with advanced reporting and visualization. The Professional Services team helps clients leverage data in the best way, with a new focus on Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC).

True Live Streaming Solutions with Sye

To deliver a better-than-broadcast live experience with Sye. Sye is already being used to stream to hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers, every day – enabling True Live, interactive, next-generation formats.

What’s more, at IBC Net Insight will demo how to leverage machine learning and synchronized metadata to take the user experience to the next level. Showcasing how to self-provision end-to-end live streaming workflows using Sye Streaming Service.


Stands 15.MS22, MS23, MS29

Netgem is a pioneer of the connected home, with its first set top box in 1996, and the co-creation of an independent French fiber operator of services, under the Videofutur brand.

Today, Netgem brings to users, consumer electronic brands and operators of telecommunications a secured and open platform which enables and manages services among a consistent portfolio of certified TV, video, audio & network equipements for the connected home.


Booth 8.D91

AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA will be on hand at IBC2019 to showcase recent, innovative advances in archiving technology. With its enriched product lineup, the company offers powerful solutions that meet the increasingly demanding requirements of legacy-audio and video-carrier industrial digitization.

As part of the company’s worldwide expansion efforts, it is also placing emphasis on its growing team of experts. In November 2018, NOA named Bruno Burtre as director of business development. In December 2018, the company hired Abderrahmane Bessaih as sales director, MENA and Asia. Both Burtre and Bessaih will welcome attendees at IBC2019 and share the most recent case studies of companies that have embraced the in-house digitization process.

During this year’s event, the company is employing a “hands on” approach, which will allow visitors to gain first-hand experience on industrial digitization and experience how NOA products provide users with sophisticated but yet easy-to-use tools to substantially improve the overall process. With an in-house digitization factory on its stand, attendees will have the opportunity to see just how NOA products are innovating the digitization process, witnessing up close the benefits this technology brings to digitization facilities of all scales.

“NOA continues to advance the capabilities of its workflows,” said Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA. “Our goal is efficiency and maximum performance, and we take into account every project we’ve carried out, implementing what we’ve learned into our solutions. This approach has allowed us to refine our technology and improve the operations of our archiving systems in order to offer broadcasters and other archival institutions the best available archiving solutions on the market. NOA solutions, which let users perform in-house digitization so they no longer need to outsource, are intuitive, efficient and reduce costs. Two main points of focus for us today are long-term archiving in open standards and the facilitation of industrial AV legacy migration.”

On stand 8.D91, the company will showcase the NOA mediARC Archive Asset Management (AAM) system, which operates in accordance to OAIS recommendations. Among other things, this results in the separation of user and production management domains and the division of content on its original media format from its digital representation within the archival storage. NOA advocates the use of one lossless archival format, which needs to be able to support all present and future business procedures between legacy archive and production workflows. NOA mediARC allows users to enrich legacy essence with content-related information and store it inside a central onsite repository, where the archive stays accessible for decades even with ever-changing IT infrastructures, as only standard IT of the shelf components are used.

Also in the spotlight will be the NOA jobDB 4.1 workflow system, which brings users increased efficiency and reduced labor costs among other benefits. jobDB 4.1 features physical carrier handling with tools, such as BarcodeStation and UniversalDialoguer. Thus, the system can manage up to 1000+ carriers in a single workflow each day, massively increasing efficiency and lowering labor costs. The solution differentiates nowadays between ingest and outgest workflows to create better overview on facsimile recordings versus interpretations; the ability to prioritize workflow settings to easily manage specific files; and a user management rework that syncs via jobDB ProcessorHost toward an active Microsoft directory.


Object Matrix
Stand 6.C30

Object Matrix has launched the latest version of its media focused object storage solution, MatrixStore. MatrixStore 4.1 features compatibility with more hardware and operating systems, as well as updates to MatrixStore Vision, web admin and monitoring.

MatrixStore is a media focused private and hybrid cloud solution that is built on object storage technology from Object Matrix. It enables media companies to focus on activities that bring value rather than managing legacy storage platforms.

The latest version includes the company’s recently launched monitoring and analytics tool, Sense. It enables the collection of real-time statistics, real-time monitoring of hardware and analytics over all storage systems. Sense can work stand-alone or with alternative dashboards to view and analyse how media assets are being used.

MatrixStore 4.1 also includes certification of the latest Supermicro platform based on scalable processors, as well as certification of the Dell storage server. Already compatible with Cisco’s storage server, customers can now benefit from flexible hardware costings, different hardware support levels and a variety of customisable DELL EMC equipment.

Adding to MatrixStores strong security credentials the web admin tool has now been updated to include the name of users on audits, making it easy to inspect what actions have been performed by which user.

MatrixStore Vision, the browser-based content search and collaboration tool, now enables users to restore objects from Amazon Glacier at a specific restore speed. It also enables the display of offline objects, making it easy to view the entire library, no matter where content is stored. The upcoming version features a new player integration, time format options and partial restore.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix, commented: “Media storage no longer sits on a server. It sits on-prem, on-cloud, on-100-local-PCs. Our customers need the tools to store assets wherever and however they are needed. The latest version of MatrixStore makes managing storage on itself and across multiple storage platforms easier than ever before.”


Stand 1.D11

Ocillion, a leading provider of end-to-end IPTV services for network providers, will showcase solutions that are designed to successfully win and keep customer confidence in a disruptive market.
For over 15 years, Ocilion has been at the forefront of IPTV services for the German speaking markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Primarily addressing small and medium-sized tier 2 and 3 service providers, the Austrian company assists many customers   with a complete IPTV platform that focuses interaction, content and ease of use.
Today, providers of classical TV or pay TV services more and more compete with new, groundbreaking streaming services which seem to be the answer to the consumer’s needs regarding flexibility and customisation. In this context, coming up with a good mixture of content, apps, and channels is key to win, keep and upscale customers.
The Ocilion IPTV platform provides operators with an easy to use and marketable user interface, thrilling content and comprehensive features such as a branded customer portal that can be used to directly communicate with the end customer in his living room.
“Given our longstanding experience with service providers in the German-speaking regions of Europe, we know exactly what their needs are and are in a position to provide them with a comprehensive platform that can be easily set up and managed end-to-end”, Hans Kühberger, Managing Director of Ocilion, says. Ocilion’s turnkey solutions are created to set up a profitable business for different market players such as telcos, cable providers, ISPs and the hospitality business and can either be hosted on premise or supplied as a rental option hosted on the Ocilion network.
Among the solutions on display at the show are the company’s P400 family of set-top boxes which address 4K, IP, hybrid DVB and cable solutions. The demos at Ocilion’s booth showcase the unique user interface with EPG service, VoD portal, infotainment services 4K live and replay TV, and recording. In addition, the company will present its IPTV solutions for mobile TV for mobile and second screens such as smartphones and tablets as well as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Finally, we will also demonstrate how content is directly delivered to the set top box user interface when using apps.

Recent customers include local providers such as Salzburg AG or LIWEST. For digital rights management, the Austrian company cooperates with renowned partners such as Verimatrix.


Booth 8.C96

At IBC virtual audio specialist company On-Hertz will launch its Artisto software audio engine, a complete solution for automating any workflow involving sound. It eliminates the frustrations inherent in complex hardware infrastructures, and dispenses with the need for outdated, insecure control protocols. Artisto is fully configurable and controllable via a simple, open web API.

Because Artisto is modular, it can be precisely tailored for the specific requirements of any audio application. Artisto can be flexibly configured with an extensive library of processing blocks such as routing, level measurement, equaliser, dynamics, web streaming, recorder, player and so on. These can be virtually wired together to build a processing pipeline for the desired workflow.

It also means that expensive DSP cards in specialised racks, or the constant need to deal with dongles and converters to get one system to communicate with another, can be a thing of the past.

“With the advent of IP, broadcasters are beginning to fully understand and appreciate the enormous benefits that true interoperability brings to them – and Artisto is designed to bring the highest level of interoperability to any audio workflow,” said Renaud Schoonbroodt, co-founder of On-Hertz. “Because it simplifies the automation of many routine, time-consuming processes and removes the complexity of interoperability, it can make a huge contribution to increased productivity and reduced cost.”

Artisto also responds to user requirements for e.g. AES67, Dante or MADI inputs and outputs. It is compatible with all major computer sound card vendors and is planned to support NewTek NDI out of the box.

“From simple monitoring and detection of audio levels for visual radio to advanced workflows for cross-platform media diffusion or automated video productions, Artisto covers every audio processing and synchronisation need,” said Benjamin Lardinoit, co-founder of On-Hertz. “We started by listening to our customers working with traditional hardware-based media workflows and wishing to reduce costs, and to simplify and optimise operation. Artisto meets all of those requirements by providing virtualisation and a secured web API control.”

On-Hertz will also demonstrate Lumo, a unique, innovative virtual radio studio solution designed to bring exciting, creative new possibilities to radio stations, such that the location of outside broadcasts becomes limited only by their imaginations – and that can significantly increase the affordability of such broadcasts.

Lumo is an all-in-one radio studio, designed to be complementary to the existing infrastructure, and includes playout (playlist and jingle players), a mixing console with full DSP and AoIP features for telephony and transmission. As Lumo is web-native and touch-friendly, a studio can be controlled with a fingertip from any device – including iPad and Android tablets – or location.

A very powerful production tool, Lumo can be easily adopted by users with no technical background. Its gain-sharing auto mixer, for example, allows the presenter to focus on interviews and on the content to be delivered without being concerned with mixing channels. Likewise, the playout can be simply controlled by pushing the “Next” button.

LUMO also provides a separate pre-listening player; a mix editor (including trimming and volume envelope edition) to fine-tune automatic crossover between rundown tracks; the ability to import playlists from other production system (including cues and mix points); and a routing matrix to flexibly route inputs and outputs channels from and to a sound card.


Booth 8.F17

OnLoops has released its SaaS second screen platform, that helps targeting, engaging and involving the viewers of a live show, who will turn to loyal customers after getting into the loop. The viewers take part in different kind of cloud based activities provided by OnLoops which can be played via their smart devices and will get into a circulating process where there’s no stop if turning off the TV: show must go on. To make OnLoops more customer friendly, there’s no need to download any applications due to the system is browser based.

“We see a huge need for interaction in the broadcasting world. Communicating towards viewers is not enough anymore: people sitting in front of the television would like to participate in live shows to control what happens next with a vote, to tell their opinion through a Q&A, and to play the very same quiz game as it is in the ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ but remotely. This is what OnLoops is good for: involves the audience and makes them loyal towards the brands” – says Robert Sarosi, founder and CEO of Duelbox.

OnLoops will be present in the Future Zone at IBC2019 to introduce its services to the public.