IBC Exhibitors R – S

Stand 6.C19

Rascular is a software design company that creates precision control applications for third-party, professional video technologies. We work across the broadcast, streaming and A/V sectors. Bespoke or off-the-shelf, our applications work across SDI and IP technologies, including Newtek’s NDI® protocol, providing template-based or user-defined panels that allow access to any and all functionality required, giving users the precision control they need, even in extremis.



Rascular has continued to expand its integration of Newtek’s NDI® protocol, announcing the development of CastAway, a new Helm application, which provides NDI master control switching in software. This allows users to easily find and view incoming sources, presented in a multiviewer. In addition, Castaway also includes vision mixing/presentation switching capabilities to handle transitions, logo insertion and so on. Rascular’s standalone NDI routing application RouteMaster-Lite also benefits from these new multiviewer capabilities.

Helm upgrades

Helm benefits from several upgrades, including the ability to now control Blackmagic Design’s multifaceted HyperDeck broadcast decks. Via Helm, users can now also drag and drop single transport control groups onto a user panel to provide easier server control. Helm is integrated with Contour’s ShuttlePro USB jog/shuttle wheel, an easy-to-use, tactile controller that works alongside keyboard and mouse, now able to be used for server transport control in Helm. PESA router control is also available with Helm.

Helm integration with YouTube and Facebook Live

On show for the first time at IBC 2019, Rascular is highlighting its ability to provide direct control of YouTube live streaming in addition to its ability to allow easy streaming to Facebook Live, using flagship control technology Helm. This can be achieved via Helm on a PC or via associated, device-independent web panels.

Also on show:

WebCentre is a device-independent application that provides browser-based user role creation and management, control panel configuration and access to those panels for device control. It’s on-premise server-based, with any modern browser on any device – tablet, PC, smartphone – able to access user-defined control panels according to the user management settings. Using HTTPS, it’s fully secure.

RouteMaster-Lite is a standalone, PC-based, single licence application, based on Rascular’s powerful RouteMaster technology and is designed to provide comprehensive router control for NDI sources up to maximum 20×20 router size.

RouteMaster integrates Rascular’s router control and emulation technology to form a powerful yet flexible router control system. Built on tried and tested software modules, RouteMaster can be used with a wide range of broadcast video and audio routers – past, present and future, SDI and SDI/IP hybrid – from the major router manufacturers. It also provides control of NDI sources. It’s equally suitable for new router installations or increasing the capabilities – and lifetime – of existing systems. RouteMaster also now includes tie-line capabilities, allowing the easy integration of NDI virtual routing in an SDI facility.


Rohde & Schwarz
Stand 7.B21

On its booth at IBC, Rohde & Schwarz will make a number of strategic new product introductions that will impact on many sectors of the broadcast industry from 5G Broadcast core solutions to studio production, content mastering, storage and distribution over unmanaged networks.

One of the most ambitious 5G Broadcast trials worldwide is currently underway in Bavaria, Germany. Rohde & Schwarz is a moving force within the 5G TODAY project and it will update visitors on the trial’s latest findings. Feeding out of the trial, the company will showcase a revolutionary new 5G Broadcast core solution which enables Rohde & Schwarz terrestrial transmitters to deliver LTE/5G Broadcast content. This landmark new product introduction makes Rohde & Schwarz the first technology vendor worldwide to offer a complete 5G Broadcast solution.

Also, Rohde & Schwarz will introduce a new DAB+ radio transmitter. The new medium power transmitter R&S TMV9evo accompanies the R&S THV9evo high power transmitter. The DAB+ transmitters of Rohde & Schwarz help networks operators to run their networks smoothly and reliably while reducing operating costs even further, thanks to significant energy savings and build-in performance analysis capabilities.

Rohde & Schwarz will show its R&S PKU100 family of satellite solid-state Ku-band uplink amplifiers with the addition of its new 750 W outdoor variant. This model is the first one offering the highest output power with the lowest dimensions on the market. At IBC the company will demonstrate the live operation of the unit wrapped around with the latest T&M equipment to show full performance.

The family is the first on the market to combine the best of two worlds: taking solid-state amplifiers to the next level by incorporating adaptive predistortion, and having the advantages of tube amplifiers such as compactness, light weight and high efficiency.

At IBC, Rohde & Schwarz will extend its fully cloud based monitoring-as-a-service solution R&S PRISMON.cloud across further countries in the EU. The OTT monitoring solution addresses broadcasters and content providers. A flexible and scalable pricing model allows users to significantly reduce their investments (CAPEX). Based on actual requirements PRISMON.cloud now provides monitoring of SMPTE 2110 on-premise streams in the dashboard, incident notification via email and an REST API for integration of status data in network management systems.

The R&S PRISMON monitoring and IP-multiviewer family will benefit from increased capacities for SDI/ASI-I/Os, enhanced configuration for PTP and support for extended colour spaces with SMPTE ST 2110-based input signals. A number of additional new features further strengthen R&S PRISMON as a leading multiviewer solution in modern, IP-based studio and production environments.

Following its launch at IBC 2018, Rohde & Schwarz will significantly enhance its R&S SpycerNode media storage system with a compact 2U height unit version along with several new JBOD capacity extension units. The new R&S SpycerPAM a production asset management system, allows workgroup editing and seamless integration of various editing and mastering platforms such as Adobe Premier, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and R&S CLIPSTER.

The latest version of R&S CLIPSTER as the DCI/IMF mastering solution includes a Dolby Vision iCMU (integrated content mapping unit), which facilitates media conversion from HDR (with high peak luminance) to HDR (with low peak luminance) or SDR on live output via SDI or HDMI as well as for file transcoding.
Further R&S CLIPSTER enhancements see Dolby Atmos Home workflows support, including IMF-compliant wrapping of Dolby Atmos Home.

The continuing development of the R&S VENICE studio production solution led to HDR optimized ProRes4444XQ support in Rec 2020, where all information of color space and HDR transfer functions will be written in the file. R&S VENICE will now support NMOS IS04 / IS05 and configuration via web service, which allows completely web services based control of R&S VENICE (incl. FIMS and MOS) from IBC on.

With R&S RelayCaster, reliability of contributing and distributing live content via unmanaged IP networks is significantly improved, as packet loss issues are efficiently resolved. At IBC, Rohde & Schwarz will feature major updates for all R&S RelayCaster products by software update: a new setup wizard significantly reduces installation and setup times. Another major new feature provides link redundancy by the use of two separate internet connections.


Stand 8.D89

RTW focuses on visualizing audio in order to let audio engineers make informed decisions in professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control. One of the highlights in the broadcast engineering tradeshow calendar is the annual IBC show in Amsterdam, and RTW will be present at Booth D89 in Hall 8, bringing new products for visitors to see and experience first-hand.

On the hardware side, a brand-new audio monitor in the company’s TM-range will be shown. It is a further expansion of the TM-family that is tailored to the needs of the modern broadcaster. RTW will also reveal a new license for the TM-meters, making them ‘2020-Olympics-ready’ with regard to the latest multichannel audio and transmission formats.

“It is always important for us to be present at the IBC shows,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO of RTW. “And especially when we have such significant news to share on both the hardware and software side of things. We look forward to welcoming all IBC-attendees to our booth in Hall 8 where we will have a comprehensive demo setup in order to showcase the new products in a context-relevant setup.”


SAT>IP Alliance

The SAT>IP Alliance, a global consortium of world leading satellite operators, device manufacturers, broadcasters and service providers, will be updating IBC2019 attendees on SAT>IP’s advanced UHD, multi-screen content delivery capabilities.

SAT>IP Alliance members exhibiting at IBC2019 include:
●      Eutelsat – Hall 1, D59
●      Hispasat – Hall 1, A39
●      Irdeto – Hall 1, D51
●      NAGRA – Hall 1, C81
●      Panasonic – Hall 11, C45
●      SES – Hall 1, B51, BS10, BS11
●      Verimatrix – Hall 5, A59, Hall 1, BS21, BS22

SAT>IP enables a totally seamless multi-screen TV experience, including 4K content, without the need for a high-speed home broadband connection. The technology takes a conventional satellite TV signal and converts it to an IP based data stream. This can be transmitted across a standard wired or wireless IP network in the home, and viewed on multimedia and IP compatible devices, such as smart TVs, PCs, tablets, gaming consoles and smartphones.

“IBC2019 is an excellent opportunity for members of the broadcast industry to learn about the numerous benefits of the SAT>IP protocol and how it can enable them to deliver innovative TV services and true multi-room 4K experiences, irrespective of local broadband availability.” said Thomas Wrede, President of the SAT>IP Alliance.

The SAT>IP Alliance brings together members including Arcadyan, Eutelsat, HISPASAT, Irdeto, MaxLinear, NAGRA, Panasonic, SES, Verimatrix and Zinwell. The group supports the use of SAT>IP technology as a way for satellite TV providers to deliver high quality, multi-screen capabilities.

The SAT>IP Alliance has created an ecosystem of easy to deploy, flexible, solutions from over 40 manufacturers. SAT>IP can be delivered using satellites covering 95% of the globe, potentially reaching over a billion viewers.



Stand 1.E04

Satcube, a disruptive development company in the satellite communications arena that manufactures game-changing portable terminals enabling high-performance broadband access, has announced it will feature live demonstrations of its award-winning Satcube Ku satellite terminal during IBC Expo 2019, September 13th – 17th. The lightweight portable terminal is ideal for media organizations, furnishing high-capacity broadband on-the-go for broadcasting live events, any-time. In addition, Satcube’s unique carry-and-go solution can provide broadcast teams with a critical tool and bandwidth for supplementing IP infrastructures lacking connectivity where limited or no 3G/4G access is available, ensuring coverage.

  • Satcube will exhibit at IBC Expo, RAI Convention Center, Satcube booth Hall 1, 1-E04
  • Live demonstrations of Satcube Ku connectivity will be featured at partner stand, Broadcast Solutions: Outdoor Exhibits – 0.E02

A new generation product, the Satcube Ku portable terminal provides unprecedented connectivity, designed to serve industry verticals and workplaces requiring high-capacity broadband connectivity in hard-to reach locations, such as broadcast media companies on assignment.” says Jakob Kallmér, CEO, Satcube. We can enable delivery of HD video over the Satcube Ku for live coverage of an event when existing IP solutions lack connectivity or 3G/4G access.

With portability comparable to a large laptop, the lightweight Satcube Ku terminal provides user with the ease of using an iPhone and enables access to seamless broadband connectivity in less than a minute, making it easy for organizations and individuals to execute live assignments on the go.
Satcube Ku highlights:

  • Red Dot Design winner 2019: Compact, light-weight, feature-rich
  • Easy to use: No need for technical expertise
  • Outperforms BGAN devices-services: Size, speed, ease and cost


SDN Square
Booths 8.E30 and OE D01

At IBC 2019, Belgian media IP-networking and storage company SDNsquare is co-exhibiting with Arista (stand 8.E30) and EMG (stand OE.D01) where the company will showcase its growing range of solutions for optimising the predictability, performance and management of high traffic IP networks – making them more cost-effective to operate.

Among these is SDNsquare’s patented GRID software-defined network controller.

“The challenge we’re addressing is how to orchestrate the network so that it meets the exacting needs of broadcasters dealing with a wide range of media workflows, and delivering guaranteed Quality of Service per stream on a single converged network with a scalable architecture,” said Henry Alexander, CEO of SDNsquare. “GRID delivers IP network management for media that is reliable, flexible and cost-effective and it simply works, whatever the use case, whatever the type of workflow.”

GRID can cope with all type of data streams in a predictable way. With GRID, users can set up IP data paths without packet loss, with low latency and with the exact bandwidth they need – even in bursty, high-impact traffic in many-to-many environments. GRID also provides the capability to optimally manage any type of topology, including today’s spine-leaf topology networks.

The numerous advantages of GRID include the fact that it is easy to deploy: it is truly plug and play, with autodiscovery, registration and connection management according to AMWA and device specifications. GRID can be scaled from single studios and events to large and interconnected facilities, events and data centres – both LAN and WAN. With GRID, there is no need for users to duplicate their network, as it enables fully redundant paths to be set up, with automatic failover if links go down.

Receiving its first major showing in Europe is L-GRID, having made its debut at NAB 2019.

“In today’s networks, high performance nodes are often equipped with high speed network cards – anything from 10 Gigabits to 100 Gigabits,” said Alexander. “This can reduce the cabling complexity of the nodes – but it creates an end-to-end speed mismatch with lower bandwidth clients. In turn, this leads to oversubscription in the connecting network. L-GRID was created to address that problem.”

L-GRID tackles the issue of speed mismatches between high speed and lower speed endpoints at the source, increasing the efficiency of storage and core networks and reducing the need for investment in the network.

The network card is configured by L-GRID to only allow bursts of the configured bandwidth; data flows to the preconfigured destinations are sent out of the network card perfectly shaped to the given bandwidth. As the L-GRID eliminates bursts before they enter the network, no exhaustive buffer space is required from the connected switches.

L-GRID is a software component that works with selected network cards, and runs on high speed network endpoints (clients/servers) that send data to lower speed endpoints.

Also on show on IBC stands 8.E30 and OE D01, is WARP, a linearly scalable, clustered storage and computing platform to support real-time workflows in the most demanding environments.

“With traditional solutions, users run into at least four key challenges,” continued Alexander. “Variable, unpredictable performance both for storage and for running client applications; over-provision of hardware to compensate for that unpredictability; the impossibility of predicting future demands and costs; and the inability to calculate the cost per service or user, such that more flexible business and service models cannot be established. WARP has been designed to tackle all of these.”

WARP’s high performance, software-based file management platform allows users to dramatically increase their workflow productivity by running applications directly on WARP where needed. The WARP cluster creates a unified pool of efficient storage, with a proven 100% of storage utilisation and guaranteed and predictable performance – meaning less physical storage is needed for data, reducing capital and operating costs.


Stand 14.B23

At IBC2019, Signiant Inc, a longtime leader in intelligent file transfer, will introduce new capabilities to its SDCX (Software-Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform to simplify secure content exchange between companies. These capabilities will first appear in the company’s newest product, Signiant Jet, which makes it easy to automate and accelerate the transfer of large files between geographically dispersed locations.

Targeted at “lights-out” use cases, Jet meets the growing need to replace scripted FTP and legacy transfer tools with a faster, more reliable and more secure alternative. Jet was first introduced at the 2019 NAB Show, winning a Best of Show award for bringing advanced automation and acceleration to companies of all sizes. Jet is built on Signiant’s innovative SDCX SaaS platform, which also underpins the company’s widely-deployed Media Shuttle solution that is now used by more than 500,000 professionals to send and share large files around the world. With its vast global footprint across media companies of all sizes, the platform is already connected to thousands of on-premises and cloud storage endpoints.

At IBC2019, Jet will include the new content exchange capabilities, offering a secure cloud handshake mechanism that simplifies intercompany transfers. The new functionality enables Jet customers to make storage endpoints private, discoverable or discoverable only to select partners in their supply chain. Via a simple, secure web interface, companies can request a connection with a partner. Once both sides accept, specific jobs can be configured and mutually approved to allow for secure, automated transfers between the companies. Jet’s simple, predictable pricing model makes it accessible to companies of all sizes and enables easy cost sharing for intercompany content exchange.

“Signiant has long been the trusted broker for content exchange between many of  the world’s top media companies,“ said Rick Clarkson, Chief Strategy Officer at Signiant.  “With this new capability, companies of all sizes will be able to cross-connect and exchange content in an easy, automated fashion. Best of all, because of Signiant’s massive footprint, we’ve essentially prepopulated the supply chain for our customers, so they can much more easily set up transfer jobs with all their partners, regardless of size. That’s the true power of our SaaS platform – it brings advanced, enterprise capabilities, but right-sized and priced for any size company.”


Stand 14.F09

Simplestream, the leader in live, live-2-VOD and on-demand OTT services, revealed that it will be returning to IBC to showcase how its solutions empower broadcasters, content owners and telcos to stay ahead of the technology curve and succeed in today’s competitive and fast-changing media and entertainment environment.

“Visitors to our stand at IBC will learn more about how our modular approach and field-tested international expertise means that highly complex multi-territory video platforms can now be launched in weeks rather than months or years,” Dan Finch, Chief Commercial Officer of Simplestream. “ We believe our core capabilities, being fast-to-market, affordable cloud-based OTT management software and white-label apps for all major platforms are the key enablers that ensures we can meet our customers’ business objectives.  We look forward to showcasing our product updates and future business strategy with customers at IBC2019.”

IBC2019 CloudTV demonstrations include the following Simplestream solutions in action:

*   Telco TV – enables broadcasters and telcos to rapidly deploy next-generation TV services across multiple screens and territories. The solution includes multi channel live streaming, automated catch-up and maintenance of feature rich, branded apps for all major platforms, together with an intuitive TV Guide, Video On Demand, Cloud DVR and DRM downloads for offline viewing

*   Sports TV Platform – New features and functionality for the sports OTT market. It is deployed internationally for sports including boxing, horse racing, soccer and one of the world’s largest sporting events covered by public service broadcasters.

*   Hybrid TV – Provides broadcasters and content owners a simplified workflow for delivering live and on demand content over IP to set-top-boxes.

*   VOD In A Box – VOD In A Box is a white-labelled enterprise video streaming solution used by some of the biggest media brands. It scales globally through its multi-territory capabilities.


Stand 1.C29

SoftAtHome, a leading software company for Pay-TV, connectivity, smart home and analytics, will showcase on stand C29 in Hall 1 its latest innovations enabling Smart speakers, enhanced audio experience, addressable TV, IoT, analytics and next-gen Wi-Fi. Aligned with its vision that connectivity, whether at home or on the go, should be like air – available everywhere, SoftAtHome presents its latest product developments, so that operators can offer ubiquitous services.

Get an exclusive try of our “Voice Everywhere” solution and Enhanced Audio Experience

For several years, SoftAtHome has launched innovative solutions. Embracing the new trend of voice control since 2017, it is proud to present its new product: a smart speaker software solution dedicated for operators to control services delivered by set-top boxes, gateways, TV sets or IoT devices.

To enrich UHD video experience, SoftAtHome also introduces its Enhanced Audio Experience based on audio streaming on any audio device, from high-end products (Sonos, Devialet, HK and other) to entry range devices, including headsets.

Off the shelf & lean cost hybrid satellite TV solution

SoftAtHome will demo its latest off-the-shelf set-top box solution pre-integrated with Nagra CAS, supporting Broadcast and OTT and that will soon be deployed on the field.

AI Addressable TV -Security

AI algorithms enable Addressable TV to provide a valuable ad insertion mechanism that targets real needs with a unique architecture to protect privacy. SoftAtHome offers a unique targeted ad solution, delivering a complete multicast and broadcast frame-accurate addressable TV experience, based on a scalable architecture and enriched with advertising audience measurements.

Come to try SoftAtHome eyes’ON solution to see data analytics improving the User Experience.

With eyes’ON, already deployed by several tier-one operators, and reinforced with last year acquisition of V3D company, SoftAtHome gathers and analyzes data to better understand the customer environment and provide tools so that operator hotlines can act more rapidly and efficiently.


Stand 13.A10

Sony will return to IBC 2019, stand A10, to showcase its latest portfolio of products and services that are designed to help customers create efficiencies, increase ROI and empower them to “Go Make Tomorrow”.

“Our industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past 12 months, fuelled by the continued growth of cloud technologies and services, virtualisation of media services and the rising interest in AI and IP Live. We are looking forward to unveiling our range of new products and services that have been developed as a direct result of customer feedback and business needs at IBC. They will allow customers to address industry challenges with speed, greater flexibility, creativity and efficiency,” says Stuart Almond, Head of Intelligent Media Services, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

Driving efficiencies with IP Live Solutions

To address the increasing market demand for Live Production efficiency, Sony will come to IBC demonstrating its range of IP Live solutions, which help its customers increase their productivity through Remote Integration (REMI) and enable better use of both technical and human resources in production workflows. Aiming to deliver even more advanced, coherent remote integration solutions, Sony will also debut its new strategic partnership with Nevion, a leading provider of virtualised media production solutions. The combination of IP solution expertise from both organisations will help customers transition to IP enabling environments more efficiently.

The showcase will include a range of IP, 4K/HD and HDR capable products, from servers and XVS series switchers, to system cameras, including HDC-5500, the 2/3-inch 4K CMOS Global Shutter sensors system camera launched at NAB in April. Visitors will be able to see the products operating in multiple workflow environments, from IP/REMI solution, UHD & HDR operations, and including fully automated production with ELC.

Sony will also demonstrate Live Element Orchestrator (LEO) solution, the complete, interoperable eco-system for IP Live production, supporting SMPTE ST 2110 standard both in HD and 4K. Offering solutions for any size of live production, Sony will also showcase Virtual Production, its on-demand cloud production service that provides a complete toolset for multi-platform content creation and delivery.

Reaching audiences and improving ROI

To help customers reach the right audiences at the right time, whilst adding value to their workflows, Sony will be showcasing Intelligent Media Services (IMS), the newly-created division within Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

IMS includes VEN.UE, a suite of services that transform traditional supply chains and provides end-to-end digital media management and distribution. It also includes the cloud-based workflow service for news production XDCAM Air, and media cloud platform Ci, all of which enable media companies to leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud-based production workflows. Sony will also showcase Media Backbone Hive, the multi award-winning news production system that supports production teams with their vision and helps them streamline workflows, boost efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Offering greater flexibility and creativity for content creators

Content creators are increasingly investing in solutions that provide them with the flexibility and creative tools needed to capture incredible images, which engage their audiences. At IBC 2019, Sony will showcase its portfolio of solutions that support every step of the content creation workflow, including the globally recognised PXW-FS5M2, PXW-FS7M2, PXW-Z190 and PXW-Z280 camcorders.

The CineAlta digital motion picture camera VENICE, with its recently announced, customer driven version 5.0 firmware and version 4.0 now available in the market, will also be on display at IBC.

“IBC is always a great opportunity for us to meet with customers, not only to showcase our products and services, but to gather further insight on the challenges they face. As we focus on helping media companies to embrace “Live Your Vision” through the combination of our state-of-the-art products and customer-led services, our aim is to establish long-term partnerships that make the most of our expertise and help customers respond to market changes so they can make tomorrow,” concludes Stuart Almond.


Stand 1.B13

SSIMWAVE will be showing for the first time its groundbreaking tool that enables the media industry to optimize video processing and delivery using the human visual system, as well as other innovations in the science of perceptual video quality measurement, when it exhibits at IBC.

At its stand, SSIMWAVE will show how its SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector delivers frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel analysis of video content using SSIMPLUS’ unique ability to predict and score perceptual video Quality of Experience by accurately mimicking actual human vision. SSIMWAVE also will be discussing the technology, business and market impact of the company’s Emmy Award-winning technology, as well as practical use cases for identifying and correcting macroblocking, video freezes and other quality impairments.

Armed with the only algorithm to achieve greater than 90% machine-to-human (mean opinion scores) correlation accuracy, SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector is light-weight and fast, enabling use cases that include encoder evaluation, building profile ladders and configuring transcoders.

SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector is designed to help video architects and engineering professionals create the most effective encoding and processing workflows for on-demand content, and to inform technology purchasing and configuration decisions. The new product can drive business success by supporting quality adjustments on a per-title or per-service basis, allowing high-value content to be delivered at highest possible quality levels, while animation and lower-value content can be optimized for more efficient delivery.

Highlights of the SSIMWAVE exhibit will include:

  • The ability of SSIMPLUS’ pixel-by-pixel evaluation to take quality measurement beyond bitrate, packet drop and network delay metrics and produce a Subscriber Score that rates quality on a consistent scale of 0-100;
  • Unparalleled “quality maps,” black-and-white, pixel-by-pixel depictions of any given frame that provide quick and comprehensive insight into where image deterioration is occurring;
  • How SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector removes the practical limitations of “golden eye” testing and expedites identification of the best encoder configuration for every piece of content including resolutions, devices, dynamic range, frame rates and other factors;
  • SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector’s utility in evaluating encoders based on actual, objective performance measurement, enabling for example, the choice of an encoder earning a SSIMPLUS score of 82 at 2.8 Mbps over one with a 79 score at 4.5 Mbps.

“As the OTT services explosion continues, keeping consistent video quality for your subscribers and optimizing costs will be two of the major factors for differentiating the successful services from the rest,” said Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO of SSIMWAVE. “SSIMPLUS’ objective score that mimics the accuracy of 100,000 human eyes puts a powerful tool into the hands of everyone involved in making decisions that impact video quality, from engineering professionals at source locations to CFOs tasked with making buying decisions.”

With video streaming accounting for 70 percent of internet traffic and growing at a rate of 50 percent year-over-year, video quality from any source across any network to any device is becoming increasingly important. SSIMWAVE provides measurement solutions for some of the largest cable system operators in the United States and Canada, and is monitoring video QoE for tens of millions of subscribers across North America. The American Society of Cinematographers has chosen SSIMWAVE for a joint project on HDR and how to preserve creative intent in the new world of IPTV and complex workflows.


Stand 12.F31

Streamstar will highlight its ability to bring fast, intuitive and cost-efficient operation to sports streaming at IBC 2019, which takes place at the Amsterdam RAI from 13-17 September. As well as highlighting the continuing success of its stalwart X series of products, for mid-level streaming applications, Streamstar will be showcasing its higher-end, 8-channel iPX systems geared to the needs of major broadcasters are looking for cost-effective solutions for smaller sports events.

Kevin Fitzgerald, Sales and Business Development Director of Streamstar, comments: “From our conversations with broadcasters we are aware that many are now facing the challenge of responding to expectations for coverage of more events across a greater number of sporting disciplines than ever before. It’s not always going to be possible, logistically or financially, to send an OB truck along, so they are on the lookout for systems that make it possible to achieve high-quality, cost-efficient streaming. It’s precisely that requirement which the iPX series addresses.”

Available in standard iPX (HD) and iPX-3G (3G/HD) versions, the 8-channel iPX systems have been designed to deliver robust and reliable live production and streaming – however demanding the project. Packed in a 4RU chassis with an optional redundant power supply, the iPX systems provide the full range of renowned Streamstar features, including replays and slomo, media playlists, powerful graphics capabilities, internal character generator, live sports graphics templates, and the company’s acclaimed and intuitive touchscreen user interface.

Underlining its ability to provide solutions to suit streaming applications of all sizes, Streamstar will also turn the spotlight on its portable studio product, CASE 800. Delivering a feature set including 8 live camera switching, superb instant replays and slomo, ISO recording of 6 channels, built-in character generator with live sports graphics, and integrated JVC camcorder remote control over IP, the CASE 800 is the ultimate in high-performance mobile live production and streaming systems.

Fitzgerald invites broadcasters and service providers interested in finding out how Streamstar can meet their needs for high-quality, cost-efficient streaming to visit the company’s IBC booth. He adds: “After a string of significant recent systems sales we believe we are embarking upon an exciting new phase of growth. We also look forward to discussing possible partnerships with resellers and distributors across Europe.”


The Switch
Stand 5.A73

The Switch, the platform for the production and global transmission of live video, will showcase how it is expanding its services and extending its global reach across Europe and Asia Pacific at IBC. The Switch, which is publicly debuting its new brand identity on its stand at the show (Hall 5, A73), is also unveiling its latest European partnership – an agreement with EI Towers, a leading provider of network infrastructure and services for broadcasters, streaming services and other rights holders in Italy. The partnership enhances the two companies’ ability to acquire live feeds in each other’s key markets and distribute coverage of events via an extensive and reliable international network.

The EI Towers deal comes on the heels of The Switch forging a similar partnership with MTI Teleport, Germany’s leading media backbone operator, also aimed at bolstering its position in Europe. Through the partnership with EI Towers, The Switch’s US customers now have access to games from any of the 24 stadiums in Italy’s Serie A, the country’s top soccer/football league – as they do with Germany’s Bundesliga through MTI – while Italian rights holders will now be able to broadcast live coverage of major North American sports, including NFL football and NBA basketball. The moves extend The Switch’s already strong footprint in Europe, where the countries it operates in now include the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, as well as Italy. The Switch also has a strong Asia Pacific presence, with extensive networks from China and Japan to Australia and New Zealand.

Eric Cooney, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Switch, comments: “IBC offers a great opportunity for The Switch to show broadcasters, over-the-top (OTT) operators, rights holders and others producing live events how they can benefit from our complete offering of live production services and our growing global reach. Our expansion in Europe by extending our presence on the ground and partnering with local leaders in transmission and production, such as EI Towers and MTI Teleport, underlines our strategy of offering support for the coverage of any major live event, wherever it is taking place  – seamlessly, efficiently and with all the necessary production facilities connected.”

Visitors to the Switch’s booth will see its new brand and learn more about:

  • How The Switch supports some of the world’s biggest and most exciting live events, drawing on nearly three decades of experience delivering live coverage
  • How the company is responding to the changing nature of live sports production amid the growing demand for more, new and niche sports
  • How The Switch is helping drive the rapid emergence of esports as a global live viewing phenomenon
  • How at-home/remote production has emerged as a solution to the challenge of meeting rising demand for live content while maximizing production budgets
  • Why leading broadcasters and rights holders in the worlds of sports, esports, news and entertainment choose The Switch to turn on their live content

The Switch, which is exhibiting at IBC for the second time, will also highlight its The Switch At-HomeTM service, expanded by the recent launch of an additional at-home/remote production facility in Burbank, California. The new investment is aimed at meeting rising demand for live content – driven primarily by sports and fast-growing events such as esports – through at-home/remote and complete live production services. Visitors to its stand will learn how the expansion is enabling more broadcasters, streaming platforms and other content producers to capitalize on the flexibility of at-home/remote production. The expanded The Switch At-HomeTM service has already successfully delivered remote events for the likes of CBS Sports, FOX, ESPN, Univision, MLS, NFL, and TVG Network.

“We are excited to have the perfect opportunity at IBC 2019 to update the industry on how we are enabling smarter live production,” says George Lopez, The Switch’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “Rapidly growing global demand for live event coverage is putting huge pressure on rights holders. We are giving them innovative, efficient ways to manage the production and transmission of live video, taking the pressure off and enabling them to focus on what they do best: producing great content.”


Stand 14.C41

At IBC 2019,  Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, will highlight how broadcasters and operators can use its solutions and services to benefit from the infinite opportunities arising from the fast-changing video market.

As one of the anchor exhibitors in the Content Everywhere hall which focuses on industry transformation, Synamedia will unveil a broadened portfolio with a flurry of new and enhanced solutions and services across video networks (formerly video processing), platforms and security. Under the banner of Infinite Entertainment, these announcements underline Synamedia’s unique role in helping customers transform, secure and monetize their services.

Synamedia is revamping its video network portfolio and announcing a new range of carrier-class Content Delivery Engines for its CDN that offer customers unrivalled streaming scalability, speeds and reliability – essential for the delivery of personalized entertainment. To help traditional cable/satellite operators transition and scale smoothly to OTT content delivery, Synamedia is also launching five compute node variants that come pre-installed with updated applications for its world-class Digital Content Manager (DCM).

Another addition to the video network line-up is Synamedia DCM/Virtual DCM support for Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) with Remote PHY, an important building block for cable operators as they modernize their hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks and evolve to IP by virtualizing and decentralizing  headend and network functions.

Building on its hybrid broadcast/OTT heritage with traditional pay-TV providers, Synamedia will showcase Infinite as the video platform of choice for D2C providers looking for a next-generation platform that excels at live streaming, helps to create stickiness and drive revenues with real-time analytics that power actionable insights.

Another way to drive revenues using Infinite is with Synamedia Targeted Advertising. Visitors to the stand can explore how to maximize audience value across all services and delivery platforms with an integrated advertising capability.

Synamedia will also flex its market innovation credentials with a unique hybrid common/unique copy solution for its world-class Cloud DVR, building on its market-leading private unique copy.

Turning to security, Synamedia will showcase the fruits of its R&D investments in anti-piracy services and solutions and will use the show to call on the entire technology value chain to work together with rights holders and content owners to raise the bar in detecting and disrupting piracy.

The firm will announce updates to its Streaming Piracy Disruption managed service for broadcast and streaming, as well as enhancements to its world-leading Operational Security service. There will also be new functionality added to the award-winning Credentials Sharing Insight, which helps streaming providers combat for-profit illegal password sharing and also drive incremental revenues from casual account sharing.

“The industry is undergoing a period of profound and rapid change as the move to IP accelerates, opening up infinite opportunities for traditional and new pay-TV providers to change the way we consume content. At IBC we will be showcasing numerous innovations that support customers wherever they are on their IP journey. We can help them deliver and monetize highly immersive IP viewing experiences cost-effectively and securely – and stay one step ahead of their competitors,” said Jean-Marc Racine, chief product officer, Synamedia.