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etv to relaunch Gala TV

Digital media company etv media group has been appointed by Gala Coral Group to produce Gala TV – broadcast on the Sky and Freesat platforms as well as online etv will produce eight hours of live programming for Gala TV seven days a week, as well as elements of the auto-game which will broadcast at […]

January 30, 2009

BBC should partner

Andy Burnham UK culture minister said he would not rule out top-slicing the licence fee to boost Channel 4’s future funding. The broadcaster estimates that it will face a £150m annual funding shortfall once it loses the subsidy of terrestrial TV spectrum, when the analogue TV signal is switched off by 2012. However, he said […]

December 11, 2008

IPTV roadmap

Reasearcher IMS claims to have roadmapped the way to converged services for IPTV operators. By categorising multi-platform services into functional groups including Time-shifting, Place-shifting, Personalisation, and Socialisation, the report provides numerous examples of what new services may look like on different platforms and regions of the world. “The Millennial generation already expects video, personal communications […]

October 10, 2008

Tiscali portal launches EPG

Tiscali has launched its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) available through its portal. The EPG is designed to be an essential TV guide and planning resource for users of any digital TV service – including Tiscali's own Tiscali TV, Virgin Media, Freeview and Sky. The Tiscali guide is the first online listings service to include full […]

July 11, 2008

OFT bounces Kangaroo

From Colin Mann in London The UK's trading watchdog, the Office of Fair Trading has referred the proposed video on demand (VOD) joint venture between BBC Worldwide Limited, ITV plc and Channel 4 – also known as Project ‘Kangaroo’ – to the Competition Commission (CC) for further inquiry. The CC now has 24 weeks to […]

July 1, 2008

Harris platform for LG / Samsung ATSC

Harris Corporation will introduce the first full mobile digital TV transmission platform to meet the new Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) solution that was proposed by LG Electronics and Samsung. The Harris offering, which will be introduced in November 2008, will enable television broadcasters to quickly begin the transition to mobile digital television (DTV). The […]

May 19, 2008

NBC: Online ads more effective than TV ads

NBC has released research that suggests advertising in its programmes streamed online are better liked and more recalled than advertising on TV. According to a survey conducted on 5000 users of NBC's online service 'NBC Rewind', viewers said ads streamed online with full-length episodes were less disruptive than on television and that they had a […]

March 7, 2008

Apple revamps TV as Jobs admits disappointment

Apple overhauled key elements of its online video strategy following an admission by Steve Jobs that the company's early efforts had been a disappointment. He confirmed earlier reports of a new online rental service for movies and a revamp of the Apple TV set-top box so that viewers can stream movies direct from the internet, […]

January 17, 2008

CNN on Joost

From Colin Mann in Cannes CNN International is launching on Internet TV service Joost in Europe. In an agreement with parent company Turner Broadcasting, the deal with Joost also includes Turner’s entertainment brand Adult Swim. Turner’s content will roll out on Joost in Europe from October. Previously available via invitation only, Joost became publicly available […]

October 11, 2007