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Analysis: SVoDs scaling to compete with studios

The first quarter of 2021 saw the highest number of Original movies commissioned by Netflix in its history, according to research firm Ampere Analysis. Driven partly by the phenomenon of Covid-catch-up (making up for time lost to lockdown production shutdowns), the ramp up is also a reflection of the on-going importance of movies to both […]

July 21, 2021

Analyst: Prospects for Warhammer+ SVoD

UK-based table-top battle games manufacturer, Games Workshop, is scheduled to launch its own global SVoD platform, Warhammer+, in August 2021. The new niche service will show animated content based on the company’s table-top gaming intellectual property (IP), and provide subscribers access to the company’s host of game support apps, the back catalogue of the company’s […]

July 8, 2021

Research: Netflix leads European scripted content

Research from Ampere Analysis shows that Netflix has become the largest single commissioner of new European scripted content. This represents one of the strongest indicators of the global changes in production market dynamics and represents a boon for European producers as the region becomes increasingly important for global streamers. While European Public Service Broadcasters still […]

July 1, 2021

Analyst: UK has strongest catch-up TV market in Europe

Consumer research by Ampere Analysis on the TV viewing habits of Internet households in Europe’s big five markets reveals the rapid rate of change in the media landscape in the region. In this snapshot of habits in UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, Ampere’s Senior Analyst, Annabel Yeomans picks four key trends that have changed […]

April 28, 2021

Analyst: Netflix ‘pandemic boom’ over

Ampere Analysis expects Netflix to report its lowest number of new subscribers in the first quarter for four years later this week, perhaps signalling the end of the Covid-19 home entertainment boom. The first quarter is traditionally the strongest for new Netflix sign-ups, with viewers in key markets (ie North America and Europe) spending more […]

April 19, 2021

Analysis: More SVoD subs than people in US

A report from Ampere Analysis shows the rapid rise of SVoD services in the US. There are now more subscriptions to services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+ than there are people in the US. The pandemic and stay-at-home measures, the launch of new studio-backed subscription services, and

April 12, 2021

Analyst: “Europe’s TV ad market won’t recover in 2021”

Analysis by Ampere reveals that the negative impact of Covid-19 on TV advertising revenues began to abate significantly in Q4 2020 in both the US and Western Europe, setting the market up for a solid recovery in 2021. In the US, for the full year 2020, TV advertising revenue saw an average decline of 9.3 […]

March 22, 2021

Report: $28bn anti-piracy sports rights bonus

Service providers and rights holders can unlock up to $28.3 billion (€23.7bn) in new revenue each year by reducing sports piracy, according to a report from Synamedia in partnership with Ampere Analysis. The research claims to reveal the true cost of sports piracy for the first time using a new model that evaluates how different […]

March 15, 2021By Colin Mann

Analyst: Piracy threat evolving during lockdown

Content piracy remains a persistent problem for rights holders and content providers to tackle, says Tony Maroulis, Principal Analyst at Ampere Analysis. In a blog post, Maroulis notes that incidence rates of certain forms of pirate service usage, such as torrents and locker sites, have declined over the past three years. “But a combination of […]

March 11, 2021By Colin Mann