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Report: $28bn anti-piracy sports rights bonus

Service providers and rights holders can unlock up to $28.3 billion (€23.7bn) in new revenue each year by reducing sports piracy, according to a report from Synamedia in partnership with Ampere Analysis. The research claims to reveal the true cost of sports piracy for the first time using a new model that evaluates how different […]

March 15, 2021By Colin Mann

Analyst: Piracy threat evolving during lockdown

Content piracy remains a persistent problem for rights holders and content providers to tackle, says Tony Maroulis, Principal Analyst at Ampere Analysis. In a blog post, Maroulis notes that incidence rates of certain forms of pirate service usage, such as torrents and locker sites, have declined over the past three years. “But a combination of […]

March 11, 2021By Colin Mann

Analysis: Netflix 2nd-largest TV group in Europe

Analysis by research firm Ampere reveals that Netflix became the second largest TV group in Europe by revenue in 2020. “Since launching in 2012, Netflix has grown rapidly in Europe,” notes Tony Maroulis, Principal Analyst at Ampere Analysis. “By 2016, it had launched its services across the whole of Europe, and passed the $1 billion […]

January 14, 2021

Analyst: “Bundling is next step in streaming evolution”

Bundling will characterise global TV throughout 2021 as the streaming TV boom forces a re-engineering of the TV value chain and the strategies for reaching the end viewer, according to Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis. The breadth of choice in the streaming

January 7, 2021

Analyst: Nordics attractive for new SVoDs

An unusually diverse range of content interests means the Nordics provide ample growth opportunity for new US studio-led streamers and other new international services such as BritBox that can leverage demand for UK and US content, according to consultancy firm Ampere Analysis. Scandinavians show strong interest in both local and international content, a trait which, […]

December 15, 2020

Analysis: Cheap streaming TV coming to an end

Ampere’s latest analysis of the US and European SVoD market reveals that the average US streaming household now stacks an average of four different subscription video services. In the five largest Western European territories, streaming homes have an average of two services. The pandemic, national lockdowns, and the launch of new studio-backed subscription services have […]

December 10, 2020

Research: UK least willing to watch foreign language content

Ampere’s Consumer media and entertainment tracker has found that consumers in English speaking markets are the least likely to enjoy foreign language content, with consumer preferences towards subtitled and dubbed content the lowest in the UK and South Africa. In the UK, only 24 per cent of Internet users said they enjoyed watching subtitled content, […]

November 13, 2020

Analyst: Europe leading boom in unscripted commissions

Western European commissioners are driving a new boom in format production fuelling a huge uptick in commissioning of formatted shows in the past year. European format commissioning activity reached a high in July 2020 with 30 unscripted remakes announced in a single month. While Covid-19 has added fuel to the format fire, growing demand for […]

October 26, 2020