Advanced Television


Bridge Technologies enhances MicroBursting Analysis for its probes

Bridge Technologies has further improved its already advanced Microbitrate analytics, integrated into the VB330, VB220 and VB120 and NOMAD monitoring solutions. This proprietary feature – unique amongst IP-based broadcast monitoring probes on the market – provides unparalleled insight into network performance, and is essential for broadcasters committed to maintaining superior Quality of Service (QoS) and […]

July 1, 2024

Bridge Technologies completes integration with Zabbix

Bridge Technologies – a provider of broadcast and telecommunication monitoring technologies – has announced that it has successfully completed integration with Zabbix, a scalable, and flexible IT monitoring solution that is offered free to users. The integration will now allow Zabbix users ways to access the unmatched depth and breadth of data provided for by […]

June 11, 2024

Bridge Technologies releases new VB440 Canvas Interface

Bridge Technologies has announced the release of its new Canvas interface, a new way to organise and interact with the extensive functionalities of the VB440, its market-leading, IP-based production probe. Canvas, which is now available to all the VB440 customers, allows users to completely customise their workspace, combining video and audio previews with a vast […]

June 4, 2024

Bridge Technologies introduce StreamOverview to the VB330

Bridge Technologies has announced the release of its newly developed ‘StreamOverview’ functionality, introduced to the VB330 as a part of the version 6.3 upgrade. Reinforcing the role of the VB330 as an all-encompassing monitoring probe which allows for both in-the-moment decision making as well as deeper-dive troubleshooting, StreamOverview represents a new way of obtaining at-a-glance […]

May 28, 2024

Bridge Technologies develops PTS-PCR checks and alarms

Building upon their market-leading understanding of IP broadcast, packet behaviour and timing, Bridge Technologies has announced the development of two new PTS/PCR time checks, which will provide even more in-depth analysis of misalignment and timing slippage, and allow for detection of hard-to-identify buffer timing issues, which – under traditional PTS/PCR comparison checks included in as […]

March 19, 2024

Adomni, Kochava launch Outside In partnership

Adomni, a player in programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, and Kochava, the real-time data solutions company for omni-channel attribution and measurement, have announced a new partnership: Outside In by Adomni. This innovative programme empowers advertisers running connected TV (CTV) campaigns to enhance results with new retargeting capabilities from audiences exposed to video ads in the […]

February 19, 2024

Casarotto Ramsay & Associates appoints Bridge06’s Johnson and Fernandez

Ttheatre, film and television agency Casarotto Ramsay & Associates has announced the appointments of industry creative Sara Johnson and pioneering access coordinator and actor Julie Fernandez, co-founders of Bridge06, as it expands its commitment to disability representation across the UK Creative Industries. Becoming full-time Casarotto Ramsay and Associates Agents, Johnson and Fernandez will continue in […]

November 28, 2023

Bridge Technologies introduces Dynamic Explanatory Hovercards to VB440

Bridge Technologies has developed a unique new addition to its production-orientated VB440; a comprehensive series of Dynamic Explanatory Hovercards which give in-depth but intuitively understandable information about each metric to its user. The aim of the newly introduced hovercards is to ensure that even non-engineers are able to engage productively with the information generated by […]

August 24, 2023

Bridge Technologies releases new audio panel for VB440

In a sweeping host of advancements that Bridge Technologies will be announcing for its VB440 production probe in the run-up to IBC2023 (Booth 1.A71), the expansion of its audio panel, which facilitates virtually unlimited audio monitoring across an unrestricted number of flows, and which now additionally allows for single channel isolation to pinpoint audio issues. […]

August 10, 2023

Bridge of Lies goes to Spain

BBC Studios has announced its first international format license of STV Studios popular gameshow format, Bridge of Lies, to Spanish public broadcaster Televisión Española’s free to-air television channel, La 1. The high-stakes game show created by STV Studios will be produced in Spain by Boxfish. Television presenter Paula Vázquez will front the local version. Bridge […]

June 9, 2023