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Musk shows no mercy

Elon Musk has had a spectacular few days. A successful launch on June 17th, when a SpaceX rocket placed 53 Starlink satellites into orbit, was followed the next day with the launch of the SARah-1 German military mission from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, and where the booster rocket returned to land. A […]

June 20, 2022

SpaceX launching 53 more Starlinks

SpaceX will launch its latest batch of 53 Starlink broadband-by-satellite craft into orbit today (June 17th). Launch time is scheduled 12.08 Eastern Time (16.08 UTC) from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. The Falcon 9 booster rocket is now a tried and tested vehicle having flown on 12 previous occasions. Following the launch it is expected to […]

June 17, 2022By Chris Forrester

AST SpaceMobile announces launch date of BlueWalker 3

AST SpaceMobile, the company building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network accessible directly by standard mobile phones, has confirmed it plans to launch its BlueWalker 3 test satellite from Cape Canaveral, FL during the week of August 15th. The actual launch date remains subject to change and is contingent on a number of […]

June 14, 2022

Nilesat 301 launch success

On June 8th at 5:04 p.m. Eastern Time, a SpaceX workhorse Falcon 9 rocket launched Egypt’s Nilesat 301 satellite to a geosynchronous transfer orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Flying this mission was a first stage booster making its seventh flight. After it completed its main […]

June 9, 2022By Chris Forrester

Musk outlines Starlink 2.0

Elon Musk has confirmed that SpaceX has built the first Starlink 2.0 satellite, which will be much larger and more powerful than the original versions. However, Musk’s Starship mega-rocket is the only way SpaceX will be able to get volume production of Starlink 2.0 into their orbits. The new satellite design is 22 feet (7 […]

June 6, 2022By Chris Forrester

NileSat 301 launch date confirmed

SpaceX will launch the geostationary communications satellite NilesSat 301 on a Falcon 9 rocket on June 10th, subject to the usual weather considerations. Launch will take place from Cape Canaveral at 1am (Florida time). SpaceX says that at the request of the customer, the satellite will be inserted into a higher orbit that will need […]

May 20, 2022By Chris Forrester

Busy launch schedule for SpaceX

The routine launch of a SpaceX rocket on April 17th from Vandenberg Space Force Base (and a flawless landing for the booster back at the air force base) in California kicked of an intense period of activity for the Elon Musk-owned business. Today (April 21st) should see another batch of 53 Starlink satellites launched from […]

April 21, 2022By Chris Forrester

Texas governor backs Musk’s Boca Chica

The past month or so has seen some serious doubts as to whether Elon Musk will continue SpaceX’s Starship work at its South Texas site at Boca Chica, near Brownsville. US environmental concerns and a much-awaited approval from the Federal Aviation Authority has seemingly forced Musk to make investments at Cape Kennedy where there are […]

April 19, 2022

Starlink success for 53 satellites

A slight weather-related delay didn’t affect the overall success of the weekend’s SpaceX Starlink flight. Launch was at 12.42am Florida time on March 19th. SpaceX launched 53 Starlink craft for Elon Musk’s ever-growing broadband constellation from Cape Canaveral. Starlink reportedly now has some 200,000 active subscribers around the world generating about $250 million in annual […]

March 21, 2022By Chris Forrester

Law & Crime acquires rights to Protection Court

Live trial and true crime network, Law&Crime, has licensed the rights for primetime airings of Protection Court, a syndicated show from Trifecta Entertainment. The show captures the daily happenings inside one of America’s busiest protection order courts in Dade County, Florida. Protection Court shows live testimony from some of the most terrifying restraining order cases […]

March 21, 2022