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Gogo tops 1m flights

Gogo Business Aviation supplies business aircraft with communications and entertainment. The company has just topped 1 million flights using its AVANCE in-flight platform. “Demand for connectivity is at an all-time high and Gogo is delivering a world-class experience for customers who are doing data-heavy activities while in flight,” said Sergio Aguirre, president of Gogo Business […]

March 30, 2022By Chris Forrester

Gogo FY revenues up 24%

In-Flight aircraft broadband connectivity specialist Gogo has reported a rise in revenues of 19 per cent for its fourth-quarter to December 31st 2021. Its full-year numbers were even better at $335.7 million, up 24 per cent y-o-y albeit influenced by a recovery in travel from the Covid-influenced period a year earlier. Gogo now focuses on […]

March 7, 2022By Chris Forrester

Air France awards IFC contract to Intelsat

Intelsat has secured an Air France contract to supply In Flight Connectivity to its Airbus A220 aircraft. Sixty AF A220-300 aircraft will be supplied with Intelsat’s 2Ku high-speed, satellite-based inflight connectivity solution. “We are honoured to partner with Air France and delight their passengers with a superior inflight connectivity experience on Airbus’ state-of-the-art A220 aircraft,” […]

September 30, 2021By Chris Forrester

Gogo ups targets

In-flight connectivity company Gogo says it has increased its long-term financial targets. Gogo supplies the business aviation community with broadband services by satellite. As of June 30th 2021, Gogo reported 2,067 business aircraft flying with Gogo’s AVANCE L5 or L3 system installed, 6,036 aircraft flying with its ATG systems onboard, and 4,587 aircraft with satellite […]

September 30, 2021By Chris Forrester

Intelsat serves Airbus A320’s with WiFi

Intelsat’s recently acquired Gogo Commercial Aviation division has fitted the first “factory installed” 2Ku satellite in-flight communications and entertainment system on an Airbus A320neo aircraft. The 2Ku system was installed by Airbus at its factory in Hamburg, Germany as part of its High Bandwidth Connectivity Service (HBCS) and delivered to Cathay Pacific. The Intelsat 2Ku […]

July 23, 2021By Chris Forrester

Gogo Commercial Aviation is now Intelsat

Intelsat has announced that Gogo Commercial Aviation, a business it acquired in December 2020, is dropping the Gogo name and is now called Intelsat. With its acquisition of Gogo’s Commercial Aviation division, Intelsat says it became the “world’s leading provider of inflight broadband connectivity to the commercial aviation industry”. The integration means that Intelsat now […]

July 14, 2021By Chris Forrester

Gogo updates on 5G

In-flight connectivity and aircraft broadband supplier Gogo Business Aviation has wrapped several key milestones as it continues to develop its 5G air-to-ground (ATG) network and aircraft onboard equipment. Gogo is already testing 5G antennas. “Gogo 5G will be the fourth ATG nationwide network Gogo has designed and built,” said Dave Glenn, SVP/customer operations for Gogo. […]

June 25, 2021By Chris Forrester

Intelsat Q1: Media decline impacts numbers

Intelsat’s Q1 results were released on May 5th and showed some significant improvements y-o-y. For example, total revenues for the quarter-year were $502.7 million ($458.8m in 2020) up by 9.6 per cent y-o-y, and while the company is still working its way through Chapter 11 bankruptcy reconstruction its net loss position also improved to $174.9 […]

May 6, 2021By Chris Forrester

Gogo goes data unlimited

In-flight connectivity and entertainment company Gogo is offering an unlimited access flat-fee subscription for its business aviation customers. But the cost might be considered a ‘millionaires only’ at $9,995 per month. Now, providing you own an expensive executive jet which might have cost millions or even tens of millions to buy, then $10,000 a month […]

May 5, 2021By Chris Forrester

Gogo refinances debt

In-Flight business aviation communications specialists Gogo has refinanced its borrowings. The new borrowings (Term Loan B) will reduce its overall leverage, enhance the company’s liquidity and deliver about $70 million in annual interest payments. Gogo has taken a $725 million 7-year loan along with a 5-year $100 million revolving credit line. As of April 20th, […]

April 23, 2021By Chris Forrester