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Research: Viewers unclear on SVoD differentiation

The streaming wars have created a crowded marketplace, with more providers and content competing for viewers’ awareness, time, and money. The latest Evolution of Video Branding survey from Hub Entertainment Research reveals viewers often have a hard time differentiating the brands of streaming services, and turn to known content or creative brands to help make […]

March 10, 2023

Research: Broadcast radio still attracts US drivers

According to findings from Hub Entertainment Research, while digital options are increasingly important, ‘traditional’ media such as broadcast radio still play important roles for those on-the-go. The study, Media on the Move 2022, details what media devices Americans use while on the move: in their cars, on mass transit, or in the air. Key highlights […]

January 24, 2023

Research: Gen Z’s different definition of ‘entertainment’

Television, gaming, and social media were once separate categories of entertainment, but in 2023, these are all available and consumed on the same screens and devices, plus, they all compete for the same pool of disposable time. This is according to Hub Entertainment Research’s annual Video Redefined study, a deep dive into how viewers choose […]

January 11, 2023

Research: Ad-supported TV shows strong engagement

The Q4 2022 wave of Hub Entertainment Research’s TV Advertising: Fact vs. Fiction study reveals strong engagement with ad-supported TV services among TV viewers. Key findings from this year’s study: 1) Most TV consumers would rather watch ads if it means saving money. 57 per cent say they’d rather watch ads and pay $4 (€3.78) […]

December 20, 2022

Research: Live TV rebounds

Since 2015, Hub Entertainment Research’s annual Conquering Content study has examined the various ways US TV consumers discover and watch TV shows and movies. Highlights from this year’s study: 1) Seven in 10 consumers (71 per cent) say they’ve discovered a show in the past year that has become a favourite—and a strong majority say […]

November 8, 2022

Research: Smart TV, streaming media player viewing habits similar

Findings from Hub Entertainment Research’s study, Streaming TV: Built-In vs Plugged-In?, suggest that whether people are using a smart TV or a streaming media player (SMP), their habits are very similar. In the past few years, streaming to a TV screen has primarily become the domain of smart TVs (via their built-in capability) and streaming […]

October 14, 2022

Research: Online increasingly favoured TV source

Since 2015, Hub Entertainment Research’s annual Decoding the Default study has tracked the TV source that consumers turn on first when they’re ready to watch. Highlights from the study: 1) Across the entire TV viewer base, live TV from a traditional pay-TV service remains the most common first stop for viewing. 28 per cent say […]

September 20, 2022

Study: VoD users increasingly accepting ads

The Q2 2022 wave of Hub Entertainment Research’s TV Advertising: Fact vs. Fiction study reveals strong satisfaction with ad-supported streaming TV platforms. Key findings from this year’s study: 1) The number of consumers using an ad-free streaming platform has increased impressively over the past several years. In Q2 2022, 55 per cent of consumers say […]

August 17, 2022

Research: Aggregators valuable to consumers

Hub Entertainment Research’s annual Monetization of Video study, tracking which TV providers US consumers feel provide the best value, and which attributes make one provider more valuable than another, highlights the value of platforms that can simplify an ever-more complex TV ecosystem. Almost all who access all their providers in one place say it makes […]

July 26, 2022

Research: Viewers evolving along with their TV sets

Hub Entertainment Research’s fourth annual Evolution of the TV Set study shows how the biggest screen in the home is evolving, affecting not just viewer habits and expectations but the business plans of content providers and advertisers. Streaming, voice control, and non-viewing uses of TV sets are top ways to show how sets – and […]

July 13, 2022