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Intelsat, Aalyria sign multi-orbit connectivity deal

Intelsat, the integrated satellite and terrestrial network, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with California-based Aalyria, the advanced software-defined and optical networking communications specialist, that includes financial commitments to advance the development of a new optical technology that will transfer record amounts of data between ground and space. “Aalyria’s groundbreaking technologies give us the […]

September 12, 2023

Intelsat wins Air Canada IFC

Intelsat has secured an In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) expansion order from Air Canada for on-board broadband. The statement from Intelsat talks of its “reliable” IFC service which will be expanded to include an extra “almost” 100 additional aircraft. The agreement will see Intelsat tap into its secured capacity using OneWeb low Earth orbiting satellites. The order […]

September 7, 2023By Chris Forrester

Intelsat bankruptcy court reopens SES claim

The US Bankruptcy Court looking into the long-running claim by SES for a greater share of the FCC’s C-band compensation payments has reopened the claim. The move follows the verdict given in June by an Appeal Court that upheld the SES claim. The overall amount being claimed is $421 million (€391.7m), but there will be […]

September 5, 2023By Chris Forrester

Forecast: Satellite IoT subs at 23.9m by 2027

According to a report from specialist IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, the global satellite IoT communications market is growing at a steady pace. The global satellite IoT subscriber base grew to surpass 4.5 million in 2022. The number of satellite IoT subscribers is forecast increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.6 per […]

August 30, 2023

Intelsat qualifies for $3.7bn for C-band clearing

Intelsat is due to receive a windfall of $3.7 billion (€3.38bn) later this year after successfully clearing the C-band spectrum ahead of schedule for terrestrial 5G telecommunications companies in the US. The company launched its seventh and final C-band replacement satellite (Galaxy 37/Horizons-4) on August 3rd and obtained FCC certification for moving its broadcast customers […]

August 15, 2023By Chris Forrester

Intelsat’s Galaxy 37 safely launched

SpaceX has launched Galaxy 37 for Intelsat. Lift-off took place at 01:00 EDT on August 3rd on a SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral. “This launch completes our comprehensive Galaxy fleet refresh plan started about 10 months ago,” said Dave Wajsgras, CEO at Intelsat. “This milestone is now a part of the 40-year Galaxy […]

August 3, 2023By Chris Forrester

SES vs Intelsat nears conclusion

The long-running dispute between SES and Intelsat over how the FCC’s C-band compensation payments are allocated is coming to a conclusion. A Delaware Appeal Court in June reversed an earlier decision made by Intelsat’s Bankruptcy Court which had decided that SES’S multimillion dollar claim would not be recognised. The Appeal Court ruled that the claim […]

August 1, 2023

Intelsat, Lintasarta expand coverage in Indonesia

Satellite operator Intelsat and Lintasarta, an Indonesian information and communication technology company via its mobile network operator subsidiary Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH), has rolled out a network to cover remote areas in Indonesia. Nearly 400 sites, across Central and Western Indonesia including Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara have received broadband connectivity with Intelsat’s help using […]

June 27, 2023

SES set to win Intelsat C-band claim

SES has won a significant step in its long-running action against Intelsat over how the FCC’s compensation for C-band is apportioned. A Delaware Appeal Court has reversed the decision made by Intelsat’s bankruptcy court which ruled out the claim from SES. The Appeal Court has directed the claim now go back to Intelsat’s Bankruptcy Court. […]

June 26, 2023By Chris Forrester

SES share price rockets after merger collapse

SES issued a somewhat cryptic statement on June 22nd following the collapse of its hoped-for merger with arch-rival Intelsat. The SES statement read: “There are always two parties in a negotiation. It has become clear that a path to an agreement which would be acceptable to SES and Intelsat cannot be found, and so both […]

June 23, 2023By Chris Forrester