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Low Earth Orbiting

Inmarsat reverses LEO strategy

For the past few years, London-based Inmarsat has planned to build its own low Earth orbiting mega-constellation, called ‘Orchestra’. It has now emerged that the scheme has probably been cancelled. Larry Paul, Inmarsat VP/corporate business development, speaking at the Smallsat Symposium in California, told delegates that Inmarsat had taken a hard look [at the concept] […]

February 10, 2023By Chris Forrester

Prosperous year for space insurers

The space and satellite insurance sector enjoyed their third successive year of profits following losses in 2018 and 2019. The profits were impressive, with $579 million (€534m) in premiums paid and helping offset losses and claims of $294 million. However, the industry is not tapping into the fast-growing Low Earth orbiting market as the likes […]

January 24, 2023By Chris Forrester

Comtech to build LEO modems

Comtech Telecommunications, a major supplier of equipment to telcos and the space industry, is building a new factory in Arizona to build modems and targeting the newly-emerging low Earth orbiting sector for new business. Comtech already supplier high-end equipment for the likes of SES which uses the kit on its O3b/mPOWER satellites being built by […]

December 13, 2022By Chris Forrester

EU approves €6bn independent LEO fleet

The EU has given the go-ahead for an independent European Low Earth Orbiting fleet of broadband and satellite navigation craft. The name for the project is IRIS2. An EU ministerial conference approved the spend of €6 billion Internet system in order to ensure Europe’s security by reducing its reliance on foreign – that is non-European […]

November 18, 2022By Chris Forrester