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MDA to expand in UK

Canada-based satellite and aerospace business MDA has announced a strategic expansion in the UK. The focus of this will be a new facility in Stevenage and an expansion of its existing facility in Manchester. As part of its UK expansion, MDA says it will hire 75 new employees in the UK by the end of […]

November 23, 2023By Chris Forrester

MDA working on mega-constellation

Canada-based satellite builder MDA Space is working on a low Earth orbiting constellation but is staying silent on the name of the client. What is known is that the initial value (Authorisation to Proceed/ATP) of the contract is C$180 million (€119.8m) and the full value of the complete constellation is placed at C$750 million. MDA […]

November 21, 2023By Chris Forrester

MDA acquires SatixFy UK division

SatixFy Communications, a specialist in next-generation satellite communication systems based on in-house-developed chipsets, has announced a $60 million (€55.5m) transaction with MDA, a provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly expanding global space industry. The strategic transaction establishes cooperation between the companies, to utilise SatixFy’s digital payload chip based technology to advanced digital […]

September 4, 2023By Chris Forrester

Telesat’s crafty decision over Lightspeed

Ottawa-based Telesat’s recent announcement that it had awarded a 198-craft order with fellow Canadian satellite builder MDA caused considerable surprise with the former Prime Contractor and favoured supplier Thales Alenia Space. By any measure, Telesat’s challenges with the Lightspeed constellation over the past few years has been to overcome some major bumps in the road, […]

August 14, 2023

MDA wins Telesat Lightspeed contract

Ottawa-based satellite operator Telesat has awarded the long-awaited prime contract for its Lightspeed 198 craft mega-constellation to MDA. Deployment will start in 2026. “By leveraging key technology advances, the redesigned enterprise-class network will achieve increased network efficiencies and enhanced flexibility to focus capacity – at dramatically reduced costs. Additionally, Telesat Lightspeed fully funded through global […]

August 11, 2023By Chris Forrester

Canada invests in MDA

The Canadian government is to invest C$1.2 billion (€0.81bn) into space robotics and satellite business MDA (the former Macdonald, Dettwiler & Associates) and perhaps best known for its Canadarm robotic device used on Space Shuttles. The announcement was made as part of Canada’s annual financial budget. “MDA is extremely pleased to see Canada take a […]

March 30, 2023

MDA boosted by Apple contract

Canada-based space technology business MDA reported “strong top-line” growth for Q3 2022, with revenues at C$172 million (€125.6m), up 55 per cent y-o-y. Profitability was solid with EBITDA of C$38.8 million (up 22 per cent y-o-y). Perhaps even more importantly, the company’s backlog is up a very healthy 70 per cent to C$1.4 billion, an […]

November 14, 2022By Chris Forrester

MDA working on mega-constellations

Canada-based satellite component supplier MDA reports it is actively bidding on supplying several mega-constellations of satellites in addition to the contracts it has in place with Telesat’s broadband-by-satellite Lightspeed project and OneWeb. MDA’s CEO Mike Greenley says the company expects to see revenues of some C$800 million (€547.3m) from its Lightspeed contracts between this year […]

August 20, 2021By Chris Forrester

MDA wraps IPO offer

Satellite technology and services company MDA has reported an over-allotment of shares following on from its IPO. MDA Corp, the satellite builder formerly known as MacDonald, Dettwiler & Assoc, are perhaps better known as the builders of the Space Shuttle’s sophisticated ‘Canadarm’ robotic crane which is still used on the International Space Station MDA says […]

April 15, 2021By Chris Forrester

MDA prices IPO offer

Space and satellite specialist MDA has announced its share price offer for the upcoming IPO. It will offer shares at C$14 per common share, with the target to raise approximately C$400 million. The offer will close on April 7th. The Toronto Stock Exchange has conditionally approved the listing of the Common Shares, subject to the […]

April 6, 2021By Chris Forrester