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Disney+ and Netflix: Ads to the rescue?

A report from analysts at MoffettNathanson (MN) examines the recent decision by Netflix and Disney to re-examine their streaming strategies and in particular to launch ad-supported options. The Disney decision, for example, had been 3 years in the making. MN says that Netflix has the potential for much larger global ad growth, yet the domestic […]

June 14, 2022

Dish Network: 52 week low

Charlie Ergen’s Dish Network pay-TV platform suffered a major stock-market hit on May 6th and damaged by news of a thumping 462,000 net subscriber loss during its Q1 trading. Dish’s share price fell 19.4 per cent by the close of trading, and a 52-week ‘low’ and with shares actually trading at $19.57 (compared with $47.05 […]

May 9, 2022By Chris Forrester

Analyst: Where can Netflix seek growth?

A report from analysts at MoffettNathanson (MN) asks what’s left in terms of growth for Netflix in its key markets? It cites the US and Canada as an example, and says that with, Netflix being present in 64 per cent of North American broadband homes and 82 per cent of all pay-TV homes, “it is […]

March 17, 2022By Chris Forrester

Could Facebook follow MySpace?

The list of once important but now long forgotten social media sites is long: MySpace, Google Plus, Vine, YikYak, Friendster, Meerkat, Google Wave/Google Buzz, iTunesPing, FriendFeed and DailyBooth to name just a few. The list is far from exhaustive and there are dozens of other – usually national – sites that have failed or been […]

February 9, 2022

Research: US cord-cutting rolls on

MoffettNathanson research shows that, while in Q3 2021 the absolute number of US subscribers cutting the cord began to moderate, the percentage decline rose to 8.8 per cent. The analyst calculated that total traditional subscribers fell by 1.61 million in Q3. The company also noted that fewer subscribers churning out were recaptured by virtual MVPDs, […]

January 6, 2022

MoffettNathanson acquired by SVB Financial

Industry research body MoffettNathanson (MN) has been acquired by SVB Financial Group, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank. MN, in a statement, said: “At the heart of our combination is Silicon Valley Bank’s unique position as the premier banker to the innovation economy. Gaining a deeper understanding of the innovators in TMT will help […]

December 14, 2021By Chris Forrester

Analysts ask “is Facebook damaged long-term?”

A report from analysts at MoffettNathanson (MN) questions to what extent Facebook has been hurt by recent service interruptions, a negative report in the Wall Street Journal, and highly critical congressional whistle-blower testimony from Frances Haugen. The consequences were something of a downhill slide for its share price (ranging down 12.34 per cent, or $46 […]

October 13, 2021By Chris Forrester

Research: “Is the death of TV sport viewing exaggerated?”

A report from MoffettNathanson Research (MN) looks at the “pathetic” viewing numbers for the Tokyo Olympics and compares and contrasts them with previous Games. But the study says that all TV sports viewing in the US, including the NBA, MLB, Masters and the NHL, have suffered serious declines over the past year. The Olympics were […]

September 15, 2021By Chris Forrester

Analyst: HBO Max launch an “opportunity lost”

Following the launch of HBO Max in the US last week, analysts at MoffettNathanson have indicated they are less than impressed with the new SVoD platform. Michael Nathanson and Craig Moffett, in a conference call for clients, gave their reactions to the latest SVoD platfrom set to take on the likes of Netflix, Hulu and […]

June 1, 2020