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Newsmax on Freeview

Newsmax, the #4 US news channel, is now available in the UK via Freeview on channel 287 with Global Distribution Services serving as its launch partner. Newsmax has seen strong ratings growth in 2023. Available in 50 million US pay-TV homes, the channel is distributed by every major provider including DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, […]

October 12, 2023

NewsmaxTV joins ONEHUBTV

NEWSMAXTV, the 24/7 cable news channel, has been in partnership with the complete media and technology solutions provider Vision247, since 2021, with their launch on Vision TV Freeview and now extends this partnership further with their release on Vision247’s OTT platform, ONEHUBTV, now the only OTT platform where Newsmax can be viewed, in the UK.NEWSMAXTV […]

June 20, 2022

Newsmax launching in Europe via M7

Luxembourg-based M7 Group, owned by Canal+, has announced a long-term satellite and OTT distribution agreement with US-based, conservative news channel Newsmax. Newsmax is the #4 rated news channel in the US and is available in 52 million pay-TV homes in the country through major providers including DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, Verizon and more. It is also […]

May 11, 2022Nick Snow @ ANGA COM

Haystack News expands to 400+ news providers

Haystack News, an ad-supported streaming service that connects US viewers with hyper-relevant local, national and world TV news, has announced the service now offers content from more than 400 providers on its Haystack News streaming AVoD platform, and will surpass more than 50 live news channels this January. Haystack News launched live news as a […]

January 25, 2022

Data: Left-wing news more popular in swing states

Swing state smartphone users in the US consistently spent more time on left-leaning news outlets than on right-leaning news outlets in the lead up to the 2020 election, according to data released by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS). In fact, nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of all mobile news consumed in swing states ahead of […]

February 10, 2021

Data: Trump lauds Newsmax, but viewers loyal to Fox News

Since losing the election, US President Donald Trump has persistently complained about unfair coverage from Fox News and urged his base to consider other conservative media outlets. But even as Trump has endorsed a challenger, Newsmax, Fox viewers in the US have stayed loyal to their network, and the mass exodus that Trump desires seems […]

December 10, 2020