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SpaceX establishes new record

SpaceX launched another batch (Mission 4.20) of Starlink satellites late on September 4th at 10.09pm Florida-time. Fifty-one satellites were launched on this particular flight, and it established a new record for SpaceX and its 40th mission so far this year. Also onboard was Spaceflight’s Sherpa-LTC orbital transfer vehicle. This was the seventh flight for the […]

September 5, 2022By Chris Forrester

Sherpa to rescue orbiting satellite

Spaceflight specialises in building so-called ‘space tugs’. These are satellites that can recover and transport orbiting craft which, for example, might be low on fuel. Spaceflight had one of its Sherpa craft launched on September 4th on a SpaceX rocket mission. The company’s fifth craft, a Sherpa-LTC (which is the first chemical-powered version) and already […]

September 5, 2022

Space Tug heads for launch

Washington State-based Spaceflight Industries’ subsidiary Andrews Space is readying its Shrpa so-called Space Tug, or satellite orbital recovery craft. Its latest version (Sherpa LTC-2) is a chemically powered satellite and was delivered on August 10th to SpaceX’s facility at Cape Canaveral in Florida ahead of a launch in September. The craft had already been delivered […]

August 15, 2022By Chris Forrester

Telestream acquires Sherpa Digital Media

Telestream, a portfolio company of Genstar Capital and a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, has announced the acquisition of Sherpa Digital Media, a live event hosting and distribution platform used around the world by Fortune 500 companies and others to stream content to their customers, employees, and members. “Sherpa Digital Media […]

August 26, 2021