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MásMóvil reaches 26m homes with FTTH

MásMóvil, the four largest telco in Spain, claims to be the leading the deployment of FTTH in the country, now covering over 26 million homes – a milestone achieved in just five years, since the end of 2015 when it had 720,000 homes. Out of the total 14 million, 55 per cent are on its […]

March 1, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Perez Tornero named RTVE president

Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE has a new president and a new board of directors following an agreement between the country’s main political parties, the socialist PSOE and the conservative PP. José Manuel Perez Tornero, a journalist and Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, will replace the sole administrator Rosa María Mateo in the role. […]

February 26, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Euskaltel Group sees record customers & revenue

Spain’s Euskaltel Group – comprising the brands Euskaltel, R, Telecable and Virgin telco – has published its 2020 results, consolidating the growth recorded by the company over the last few years, with record figures in terms of customer base, revenue and results, thus meeting the objectives set out in its strategic plan for the year. […]

February 26, 2021

Spain: Profits fall at Mediaset and Atresmedia

The pandemic crisis has taken a big toll on the financial results of Spain’s two biggest TV groups, Mediaset and Atresmedia. Both saw their profits fall in 2020 by 15.6 per cent and 79.8 per cent to €178.7 million and €23.9 million, respectively. Atresmedia, operator of Antena 3 TV and La Sexta among others, experienced […]

February 25, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain: RTVE Canal 24 Horas HD on DTT

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has launched its news channel Canal 24 Horas HD on DTT following the removal of its kids channel Clan TV. With the launch of Canal 24 Horas HD, which will share multiplex (mux RGE1) with La 1 and La 2, all RTVE TV channels are on HD through DTT well ahead […]

February 24, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain: Movistar, Vodafone ‘abusive’ price rises

The Consumers Association Facua has reported to the Ministry of Consumption and the Regional Governments the alleged “abusive practices” made by Movistar and Vodafone for raising their subscription fees “without justification”, consequently breaking the law. Since January 12th, Movistar raised its Movistar Fusión price by €2-€3 for its optic fibre TV packages and between €7-€8 […]

February 16, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Report: 64% of Spaniards subscribe to pay-TV

Some 64 per cent of Spaniards are subscribed to a pay-TV or OTT service, according to a report from Asociación para la Investigación de los Medios de Comunicación (AIMC). The report shows that OTT services are increasingly gaining popularity amongst Spaniards witha 52.3 per cent of those interviewed subscribing to Netflix, HBO and/or Amazon Prime […]

February 4, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain: Vodafone eyes Orange for merger plan B

Vodafone Spain has reportedly approached Orange over a possible deal in case its merger plans with MásMóvil fails. Negotiations have stalled in the MásMóvil deal over discrepancies in the control of a possible joint company, and consequently Vodafone is now exploring a joint ‘InfraCo’ with Orange – a big infrastructure company that gathers together all […]

February 2, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

MásMóvil surpasses 2m broadband subs

MásMóvil, the #4 telco in Spain, has reached over 2 million fixed broadband subscribers in just over four years, a record time to achieve that goal in the country. More than 90 per cent of the total, some 1.8 million, are FTTH customers with the company significantly capturing a lot of FTTH subscribers in the […]

January 25, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain readies for 5G licence bids

Spain is preparing for the awarding of 5G licences in the first quarter of the year through a public tender, yet to be set, of all 700 MHz frequencies recently released by DTT operators. The Administration has recently opened a public consultation to implement the whole process. In the tender, eight blocks of frequencies will […]

January 8, 2021From David Del Valle in Madrid