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SpaceX Starship Test 3 part-licensed

Communication permissions for Elon Musk’s third test flight of the SpaceX Starship has been issued by the FCC. The communications licence covers a period from December 1st to January 6th 2024. The formal communications licence was issued to SpaceX on November 28th, but is not permission to actually launch. Those final permissions will come from […]

December 4, 2023By Chris Forrester

Musk to raise extra cash for SpaceX?

SpaceX plans to sell new shares in December to investors, according to reports. Elon Musk raised around $750 million (€686.9m) in July this year for SpaceX. SpaceX is a closely held business and is expected to issue a tender offer which values the company at about $1.5 billion. The cash raised in July gave the […]

November 23, 2023By Chris Forrester

Starship Test 3 before Xmas?

Starship Test Flight Number 3 could be ready for launch this side of Christmas. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is currently conducting its post-launch ‘mishap’ investigation on the November 18th Test Flight Number 2. But with zero injuries and no public property damage there is little for the FAA to worry about. The FAA says: […]

November 21, 2023

Musk’s Starship targetting Nov 17 launch

SpaceX could launch its second test flight of its Starship rocket on Novembr 17th. However, the rocket company says that it is still – as at November 13th – awaiting formal permission to come from the Federal Aviation Administration and other regulatory agencies. Elon Musk, in a Tweet/X on Novembr 14th said: “Was just informed […]

November 14, 2023

Italy’s Intesa Sanpaolo invests in SpaceX

Italian largest bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, has announced that it intends to invest in Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket business. The bank is Italy’s largest. Intesa Sanpaolo said in a press release that the move is in line with the bank’s business plan for 2022-2025. In the plan, innovation represents one of the most important aspects of […]

October 9, 2023By Chris Forrester

Should SpaceX exit Texas with Starship?

SpaceX is struggling to gain environmental permissions to launch its Starship rocket from Boca Chica, South Texas. There are already plans to expand its operations at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Spacve Center, but a serious suggestion has been made to consider a more radical solution. Journalist Eliana Sheriff – who lives in Texas and is a very […]

September 27, 2023

Are LEO operators risking too much?

Once upon a time there were many would-be alternative cellular carriers expecting to tap into the world’s seemingly insatiable demand for bandwidth. Names such as WorldCom, Global Crossing and Teledesic each raised billions, and flew too close to the sun during the so-called Tech Boom, and each ended in bankruptcy. The problem is that the […]

September 20, 2023

Starship delayed by US Fish & Wildlife Service

Elon Musk’s giant Starship rocket is sitting on its launch pad at Boca Chica, South Texas, and all ready to go. But an approval from the US Fish & Wildlife Service is needed, and their investigation has reportedly not yet begun. It seems that an inspection and subsequent approval could be given within a 30-135 […]

September 20, 2023By Chris Forrester

SpaceX to launch Starship in October?

Second-guessing when Elon Musk’s massive Starship might launch is a challenge. The FAA set more than 60 modifications to the rocket before it would give permission to launch. There are potential problems from other US agencies, not least those involved in protecting the local environment at the Boca Chica launch site in South Texas. There […]

September 19, 2023

FAA to Musk: “Starship must first be fixed”

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has given SpaceX a list of 63 tasks that must be carried out before the new Starship rocket can be launched. Elon Musk has Tweeted that the rocket is ready for launch. On the upside, the FAA has closed its investigation as to what went wrong on the Starship’s first […]

September 11, 2023