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MTS holographic call on 5G

December 13, 2019

Russian operator MTS hosted a two-way, long-distance holographic video call between its 5G pilot zones in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The laser-based video conference, reported in Mobile Europe, connected viewers at Moscow’s World Trade Centre with visitors to a theatre in St. Petersburg. Speakers on the call included Russian tech experts who discussed 5G’s potential.

Alexey Kornya, MTS President & CEO, said: “Today we are excited to witness first-hand the promising future of digital innovation and fifth-generation connectivity, which will not only radically transform our daily lives but give rise to fundamentally new products, services and business models. With significantly higher speeds and lower latency, 5G will provide the foundation for immersive interactive experiences that bring together the physical and digital worlds. If 4G gave us video streaming and smartphone apps, then 5G will bring to life virtual and augmented reality and the Internet of Things.”

Huawei worked as a technology partner with MTS for the demo.

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