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Advanced Television is published by Advanced Television Ltd. Launched in 2001, the site provides a Daily News email bulletin, the Friday File e.Digest each week and the weekly Research Monitor.

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About Euromedia

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Euromedia has established itself as the leading exponent of in-depth analysis across broadband business spectrum. Euromedia‘s top contributors, columnists and correspondents examine the companies, the technologies and the trends in a way that delivers useable insight to its readers in their own field and, as important, in the parallel and convergent segments. Coverage of broadband technology, content, delivery and monetisation across all platforms are at the heart of the Euromedia mix. While www.advanced-television.com guarantees you will not miss a beat in the fast developing broadband world, Euromedia complements it with the context and analysis that brings it all into focus.

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About TV Everywhere

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TV Everywhere is the engine that will drive the new media era of ‘content everywhere’. Being ahead of the game with the new technologies, new content formats and new business models that TVE ushers in will determine the success or failure in the coming years.

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The team
Nick Snow – Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Nick Snow is the principal of Advanced Television Ltd and the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of advanced-television.com and Euromedia. With 20 years publishing experience, Snow’s companies have launched and run some of the broadcast industry’s best-known business journals. nick.snow@advanced-television.com

Sanjeev Bhavnani – Director
Sanjeev Bhavnani is a seasoned professional with over 15 years experience in the broadcast media sector. He has a detailed knowledge of the market and a track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients. To find out more and receive a media pack email sanjeev@advanced-television.com
Colin Mann – Managing Editor

Colin Mann has over 35 years experience in the media and communications industries. Operating as an independent consultant since 1990, his clients have included satellite TV channels, telcos and cable MSOs. Hired by media analysis publishing company Kagan World Media to advise on the launch of two specialist B2B titles, he has edited Euromedia since 2000. Colin is a Fellow of the Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers and a member of both the Royal Television Society and Broadcasting Press Guild. colin.mann@advanced-television.com

Chris Forrester – Specialist Correspondent
Chris Forrester is a well-known broadcasting journalist and industry consultant. He reports on all aspects of broadcasting with special emphasis on content, the business of television and emerging applications. He has a unique knowledge of the international broadcasting scene, having interviewed at length – and frequently – the operational heads of many of the main TV channels and pay-TV platforms, as well as those running the world’s leading satellite operators.

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