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Ofcom warns adult channels

October 23, 2007

Ofcom has warned that all adult channels face being encrypted following a spate of complaints over explicit content including allegations of on-air masturbation and the promotion of premium-rate services. The media regulator has upheld complaints against five free-to-air unencrypted outlets known as “babe” channels, in which scantily clad women invite viewers to contact them via premium-rate services.

“Babe” channels, while they are listed in the adult section of the electronic programme guide, are not supposed to show adult sex material, unlike subscriber-only encrypted porn channels.

Ofcom said that despite “significant improvements” being made following a warning letter it sent out last year, concerns still remained about the channels’ sexual content and their promotion of premium-rate phone lines that are not connected to the editorial content of programmes.

Ofcom reprimanded the “babe” channels Get Lucky TV, Lucky Star, Star Bazaar, LivexxxBabes and Show Off UK over breaches of the broadcasting code.

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