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US awareness of switchover grows, education still needed

December 24, 2007

According to a survey by Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), there is growing awareness of the nation's February 2009 transition to digital television by US TV broadcasters. However, the group of Americans with the lowest level of awareness about the transition includes those that are most deeply affected – households that receive television programming exclusively over the air.

Major findings of the CTAM survey show that 48 per cent of US households are aware of the digital TV transition, compared to just 29 per cent from a survey taken in July 2005. Of those who are aware of the DTV transition, 38 per cent said they'd learned about it from TV; 26 per cent had read of it in the newspaper; and 20 per cent had heard about it from friends or family. Fifty per cent of households that watch TV exclusively over the air said they don't know where to turn for information about the transition.

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