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University creates mobile HD platform

December 31, 2007

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Watching television TV in high definition at 200 kilometers an hour may soon be possible thanks to a mobile telecommunications platform for terminals on the move being developed by Portugal's University of Aveiro.

Ten international partners, among institutions, universities and manufacturers, from Belgium, Spain, France, the UK, Portugal, Germany and Israel are taking part in the project. According to project coordinator, António Navarro, “the project consists of a wireless telecommunications transmission system, which has as its goal obtaining high definition images at a maximum speed of 200 kilometers an hour”.

The platform results from the combination of two wireless networks, digital terrestrial TV and WiMAX, with broadcasters using a system that automatically selects the network with the best signal for the uninterrupted sending of TV content.

The project has been submitted to the European Commission which financed it with E5 million as the first project on a European level to introduce this technology for broadcasting networks. Navarro claims that the Commission will try to convince operators to adopt this platform.

So far only lab tests have been conducted, with field tests due to start soon, using two antennas, one located on the University of Aveiro and the other on a social security building, which is the highest in Aveiro. The tests will last until the beginning of April.

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