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Viasat goes HD

January 16, 2008

Modern Times Group has confirmed that Viasat Broadcasting has launched its HDTV offering on its Nordic Satellite pay-TV platform, including two Viasat-branded premium HDTV channels – TV1000 HD and Viasat Sport HD.

The initial line up of Viasat's HDTV channels consists of TV1000 HD and National Geographic Channel HD in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and Viasat Sport HD in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Viasat's Danish subscribers will have access to TV2 Sport HD channel which is produced by the MTG and TV2 Denmark joint venture. Viasat will continue to expand its HDTV offering moving forward and add new premium HD channels to the platform.

In order to view the Viasat HDTV channels, subscribers will also have to upgrade to an HD set-top box. At launch, two HD-ready set top boxes will be made available – a Viasat Plus HD PVR box from Pace, and a standard Viasat HD box made by Samsung. Both set-top boxes support the high definition 720p and 1080i formats and use NDS middleware and content security.

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