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ISPs snub three strike plan

February 15, 2008

The body representing internet service providers in the UK has cast doubt on government proposals to make them responsible for identifying and punishing illegal music and video downloaders. The Internet Service Providers' Association opposes the idea that it should take responsibility. “ISPs are no more able to inspect and filter every single packet passing across their network than the Post Office is able to open every envelope,” it said.

“ISPs deal with many more packets of data each day than postal services and data protection legislation actually prevents ISPs from looking at the content of the packets sent.” But Jean Berbinau, the general secretary of the Autorité de Regulation des Mésures Techniques, charged with drawing up the French law, welcomed the UK move and bodies representing the music industry such as Ifpi, formerly the International Federation of Phonographic Industries and the BPI, or British Phonographic Industry, applauded the proposals.

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