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Sony push into network media

June 27, 2008

Sony will make a strong push into networked media and DTO services as it seeks to make the most of its hardware and software assets for growth. The company said it would aim to double revenues from the fast-growing markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China to 2 trillion yen (E11.7 billion) and invest 1.8 trillion yen in key businesses and technologies as part of a three-year strategy to March 2011. “So much more opportunities exist outside the core markets of Japan, North America and Europe,” says the company.

Sony intends to have a DTO service via all its CE products; TVs, DVDs, Playstations, and computers, and 90 per cent of its product categories network-enabled and wireless capable in the next three years.

Sony wants to lift return on equity to 10 per cent from an average of about 6 per cent over the past three years, and reach the 5 per cent operating profit margin that eluded it in a previous plan, coming in at 4.2 per cent in the year ended March.

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