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BitBand takes on Scaberia

July 10, 2008

BitBandTechnologies has signed a contract with Scaberia, the Norway-based technology and innovations consultancy firm. The aim of is to enhance the current BitBand strategy and to expand its market activities via Scaberia's ‘know how' in the telecommunications and media industries. "The market is demanding new innovative solutions in much shorter cycles than before. Our relationship with Scaberia ensures that BitBand's technology and solutions are always at the forefront, enhancing our position as a market leader with innovative solutions for video content delivery. I strongly believe that numerous companies in the industry would benefit from partnering with firms such as Scaberia in order to move forward," stated Ervin Leibovici, CEO, BitBand Technologies. "Scaberia's basic strategy is the convergence of technology and content to increase companies' level of market readiness. BitBand's Video Content Delivery Network and their new Fast Channel Zapping solution create a very interesting offering and I fully believe that we can assist BitBand in enhancing its strategy by offering additional innovative products and optimizing its solution's configuration," comments Frank Schmull, CEO, Scaberia.

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