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VOOM HD co-production deal

October 15, 2008

From Colin Mann in Cannes

VOOM HD Holdings, which distributes high-definition programmer VOOM HD Networks, and production house Infinite Frameworks (IFW), have sealed a deal to co-produce and distribute up to $20 million worth of high-definition programming over the next five years. VOOM and IFW will each invest up to $10 million in production and post-production activities. The parties will collaborate with top production companies from around the world to create first-rate programming in genres as diverse as sports, art, lifestyle, fashion and music. All post-production on these projects will take place at IFW's facilities in Singapore.

Greg Moyer, VOOM's General Manager said that driven by the demands of a world increasingly hungry for quality high-definition content, VOOM's objective was not only to supply the best in HD to the international marketplace, but to also seek out and identify producers in Asia and elsewhere whose content and vision complemented VOOM's key brands.

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