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Viasat download VOD

October 23, 2008

Viasat announced a new video on demand service where its satellite subscribers will be able to download movies and TV series and view them instantly, or save the content to view later, utilising the ViasatPlusHD box’s built-in hard drive. Viasat subscribers can therefore watch all the current movies on the six thematic TV1000 channels anytime or choose from a library of (initially) more than 150 other movies and TV series.

ViasatOnDemand as a premium service for the ViasatPlusHD subscribers will be launched in Sweden this week, in Norway and Denmark next week and in Finland later this year.

The ViasatPlusHD box needs to be connected to the subscriber’s broadband socket and due to progressive download the quality is guaranteed. If a customer chooses to view the movie or series instantly he or she will be able to; however if the broadband connection is too slow for instant viewing, the box begins downloading while the viewer waits a short time before watching their chosen programme/film without interruptions.

The subscriber accesses the content by clicking on the ViasatOnDemand button on the remote control. All the movies currently available on the TV1000 channels are available for free to those subscribers that have the movie package. Other movies and series will be priced between 19 and 49 Swedish kronor per title. The content is available in standard definition.


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