Advanced Television

TrustCenter to Implement the CI Plus Standard

February 18, 2009

CI Plus LLP, a consortium of leading TV and Conditional Access Module manufacturers, has heralded a new era of protection against piracy with the publication of the new CI Plus Common Interface Standard. To implement the necessary content protection mechanisms that are based on digital certificates, CI Plus signed an exclusive multi-year contract with TC TrustCenter, the leading On Demand Digital Identity Services provider based in Hamburg, Germany. As an authorized Trust Authority of CI Plus, TC TrustCenter will not only provide certificate issuance and management services but also the necessary registration for all manufacturers of TV devices, digital recorders and Conditional Access (CA) modules who want to license the CI Plus standard.

The CI Plus standard is an enhancement of the existing CI Specification that eliminates vulnerabilities in content protection for Pay-TV content. To ensure optimum security between the CA Module and the digital receiver, the new CI Plus standard uses a collection of established, industry accepted and validated techniques, including key management, device and message authentication and encryption.


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