Advanced Television

US Telcos want free hand for bandwidth shaping

January 18, 2010

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has unsurprisingly supported the Federal Communications Commission's recognition that its Internet policies should be subject to 'reasonable network management' and urged the Commission to continue to allow the industry to establish appropriate management techniques to meet evolving consumer needs.

ATIS cited the ongoing work of its Next Generation Interconnection Interoperability Forum, Telecom Management and Operations Committee, Network Performance, Reliability, and Quality of Service Committee and Wireless Technologies and Systems Committee to address myriad network management issues. Based on its network management experience, ATIS submits that available management tools 'should not be unduly constrained by regulatory action.'

In its comments, ATIS also recommended that the Commission not impose regulatory mandates on the potentially new “managed” or “specialised” service category, which includes IPTV. Instead, ATIS urges the Commission to support collaborative, consensus-based and industry-driven developments of these services. 'Such an approach would promote innovation in these nascent markets, and encourage wide-scale deployment of new services,' it says.

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