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Euro cable: Digital outstrips analogue

March 4, 2010

New industry figures revealed at Cable Congress 2010 in Brussels indicate continued strong growth from Europe's preferred distribution platform for telephone, television and high-speed broadband Internet services. The annual industry figures showed 13.4 per cent growth in subscribers for broadband Internet – now accounting for 21.5 million connections across Europe – and 21 per cent growth in Digital Television subscribers to 21.5 million. A new milestone was reached in the digital transition as for the first time ever, digital cable TV revenues outstripped analogue revenues in latest YE2009 Screen Digest figures..

“Fibre-speed is launching us to new levels of performance in living rooms across Europe. With 100 Mb+ speeds now available in 13 countries, we continue to set new benchmarks. Years of investment are paying off. We are convincing millions of customers to join us for speed and better-quality connectivity,” commented Cable Europe President, Manuel Kohnstamm. “We drive a relentless effort towards high speed broadband and digital television. We could not be more supportive to the policy makers of Europe in their vision of the new Digital Agenda.”

“We're seeing a real lift-off as our industry goes digital,” says Cable Europe Managing Director, Caroline Van Weede. “As analogue growth tails off, it makes room for the strong growth we're seeing in digital TV as well as positive high speed broadband revenue. Video on Demand is clearly here to stay and with 18 per cent growth in revenues makes a strong case for future offers of easy access easily accessible legal content with fibre-speed.”

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