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Sony 3D TVs in June

March 10, 2010

Sony has set the target of selling 2.5 million 3D televisions in nine months. Yoshihisa Ishida, the head of Sony's televisions business, said the Japanese company hoped to sell 25 million TVs in the year to March 2011 with 3D sets accounting for at least one tenth of that. That is a 67% increase on the total of 15 million televisions Sony expects to sell this year.

Ishida said Sony would launch 3D televisions in Japan in June and they would go on sale abroad about the same time. That is behind Samsung and Panasonic – which will launch 3D sets in the US this week. But Sony say they are not concerned because little 3D content will be available at first.

By June, Sony expects to have a software update ready for its Playstation 3 console that will allow it play 3D games and an update for 3D Blu-ray movies will follow. The industry's first big sales opportunity for 3D TVs is not expected to arrive until the launch of Avatar on Blu-ray.

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