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Vindica cash box for Boxee

May 12, 2010

Vindicia has announced that Boxee, which brings movies, TV shows and video from the Internet to the TV screen, has selected its CashBox billing solution to enable the new Boxee Payment Platform. Vindicia CashBox will enable Boxee content partners to offer premium content to Boxee users through a wide variety of payment methods and plans, from individual pay-per-view charges to premium subscription models. Boxee users will also have the option to provide their payment information via credit card, gift cards, and PayPal for easy, one-click content purchases with the underlying security of Vindicia’s PCI-compliant environment.

“Boxee is on the forefront of the trend toward new models of content consumption,” said Vindicia Chairman and CEO Gene Hoffman, “proving there is great consumer demand for content delivered in more flexible ways, and a general willingness to pay for it. Vindicia was founded with the recognition that the underlying billing infrastructure is key to helping forward-thinking companies like Boxee monetize these new content delivery models.”

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