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3D VOD on Orange TV

November 9, 2010

From December 11th, 3D VOD will be available on Orange TV.  In partnership with Studiocanal and Warner Bros.Digital Distribution, Orange will be offering 3D VOD exclusives on movies “Around the world in 50 years” and “The Clash of the Titans.”

This service is available to Orange broadband customers with High Definition TV, equipped with a 3D screen and glasses.

Ghislaine Le Rhun, Head of Orange’s 3D project, commented: “The launch of 3D VoD on Orange TV represents a key step forward with the 3D strategy we have been developing since 2008. By offering attractive premium content available in VoD from the television in your living room, we are helping bring the general public on board to new uses available with 3D.”

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