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France: Hadopi sends few warnings

December 22, 2010

French anti-Internet piracy body Hadopi is reportedly sending only a fifth of the warning emails expected. The body, which has been operational since October, is meant to warn people found to have illegally downloaded copyright music and videos on the Internet, by email and then recorded delivery letter. In theory, if there are further offences then it can pass on details to a judge, who could order sanctions including having internet access temporarily cut off.

When parliament created Hadopi in a 2009 law, it was estimated that it would send out 10,000 warnings a day. It is said to be receiving 50,000 offenders’ IP addresses a day from owners of rights who have spotted their property being exchanged illegally on peer-to-peer download sites. However, according to financial newspaper La Tribune, it is sending out only 2,000 warnings a day.

The authority has said it will not be revealing its own figures until it gives a summary of its activity either at the three-month or six-month point, that is to say the start of next month or of April.

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