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Toshiba glasses free 3D draws crowd

January 7, 2011

From Nick Snow @ CES

By far the longest lines here are to sample Toshiba’s bold claim of glasses free 3D TV. In fact, Toshiba has all three flavours of 3D – active, passive and glasses free, on view.

Toshiba first introduced the concept in Japan in October and at CES has brought a demo with a dozen or so 56 inch screens running in mini stand-up theatres. It uses an additional Lenticular screen to ‘pre-integrate’ the left-right effect achieved with glasses. And it works pretty well until you move more than 30-40 cms from the ideal spot.

Toshiba admits it is still concept stuff and Scott Ramirez, VP Marketing, Toshiba TV, says there is no decision yet on whether to bring the product to market beyond Japan.

Meantime, Toshiba is another to bring a new voice control. Designed to wake up on a double clap, the TV will switch on, power off, mute etc on command.

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