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Verizon: High-IQ networks and smart collaborations to spread technology innovation

January 7, 2011

Nick Snow @CES

A keynote speech from Verizon Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg focused on how high-IQ networks and innovative content and applications are combining to fuel “one of the most innovative eras in the history of technology.”

During the keynote address, Seidenberg noted that today’s more than two billion Internet users and five billion wireless users form the biggest market for technology the world has ever known. He said that collaborations between hardware and software, computing and communications, technology giants and thousands of entrepreneurs will be crucial to the industry’s ability to deliver relevant, personalised communications and entertainment services to billions of individuals.

“People are using technology to erase the boundaries between home and work, here and there, virtual and real,” Seidenberg said. “They imagine access to everything at their fingertips and they want it now, no matter where they are or what screen they have at hand. They are challenging us to deliver better products, faster networks, more simplicity and more creativity.”

Ultra-fast intelligent networks, including Verizon’s advanced 4G LTE, fibre-to-the-home and global IP networks, will spread innovation on a global scale and help lead the way to the future, according to Seidenberg.

“The more we infuse consumer electronics with the power and intelligence of high-speed networks, the faster we’ll create new demand and accelerate the cycle of innovation and growth that drives the industry forward,” he said.

The importance of collaborations was reinforced by the presence on stage with Seidenberg of Jeff Bewkes, chairman and CEO of Time Warner; Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola and CEO of Motorola Mobility; and Mike Cleron, principal engineer of Google, as well as Verizon COO Lowell McAdam. The five executives discussed their companies’ current collaborations and the future of communications and entertainment technologies. Topics included multi-screen and mobile video, HD and 3D content, 4G smartphones and converged devices, evolution of the Android platform, and open development.

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