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OIPF and bmcoforum join forces

January 24, 2011

By Colin Mann

Industry bodies OIPF (Open IPTV Forum) and bmcoforum (Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum) have revealed plans to join forces and merge the activities of bmcoforum into the OIPF.

The pair say the merger will result in a strong single entity with broad representation and influence across the fixed and mobile broadband industries, as the two bodies have each established a leading position in their respective spheres of activity. They say the merged activities will combine and optimise the resources and efforts of the leading organisations engaged in an effective standardisation of mass market services and devices.

YunChao Hu, President of the OIPF, said the strength and breadth of the combined efforts would provide the opportunity to build on each organisation’s established individual credibility. “The merging of bmcoforum’s activities into the OIPF will create an entity with the influence and energy to more effectively drive the development and deployment of the blended services market,” he added.

Herbert Mittermayr, Chairman of the Board of bmcoforum, said that the bmcoforum considered the extension of IPTV to mobile usage and hybrid networks as “an excellent vision to further develop the mass market for multiscreen media consumption. Joining the forces of both fora will unlock the potential of exciting new user experiences.”

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