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Vue cinema seeks limits on new release windows

June 1, 2011

Vue Entertainment, one of the UK’s biggest cinema chains, is in talks to allow Hollywood studios to shorten the release window for a limited number of films each year. Vue wants both major and independent to sign up to mid- to long-term agreements of more than three years, during which time each studio will only be able to shorten the theatrical window on one or two films a year.

In exchange, Vue will want to secure a larger than usual share of box office takings for shorter-release films. Studios keep on average 45 per cent of box office takings, although a surefire hit can earn its producer up to 60 per cent of ticket sales.

In the US cinema owners are also in dispute with the Hollywood studios over a plan for a premium video-on-demand service that would allow new releases into living rooms within weeks of their debuts.

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