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£530m investment for UK superfast broadband

August 15, 2011

The UK government is putting up £530 million to help fund the final third of the UK that are considered broadband “not spots” as they have broadband connections speeds of under 2Mb.

Forty locations are to benefit when the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, reveals the areas that have received funding from the £530 million pot.

The government have set out a target of having a universal broadband speed of 2Mb or above for all 25 million homes in the country by 2015 and 90 per cent of the country to be with superfast broadband (24Mb or above).

The funding from the government is coming from the money that was left from the digital TV switchover. BT are putting in for many of the contracts to roll out to these rural areas, and providing the government backs each of the council contracts BT says that they will match the money put forward by the government and they would also expect that the councils to do the same.

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