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Grass Valley, Cameron-Pace Group in 3D alliance

September 9, 2011

Colin Mann @ IBC

Video technology solutions company Grass Valley has revealed a strategic alliance with the Cameron-Pace Group to raise further the profile of 3D technology in broadcast.

James Cameron, director of Avatar, announced the company with his long-time special-effects partner, Vince Pace, with the aim of developing, selling and leasing 3D production technology to film-makers, broadcasters, game manufacturers and anyone else who can be persuaded to use it.

Jeff Rosica, Grass Valley’s EVP, said that the company was not one of those that believed it was necessary for broadcasters to invest in whole new sets of equipment and work-flows to support 3D production. “A few simple upgrades can support 3D production,” he asserted. “We fully believe the future of 3D is in broadcast,” said Cameron. “We need powerful alliances with players who can help fulfil this dream.”

Pace stressed the need to work for integrated solutions. “The goal is cost-effective solutions to increase the volume of 3D production. It will no longer be a case of ‘Fewer [3D] cameras not being able to tell the whole story’,” he suggested.





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