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VeEX introduces Y.1564 Service Activation Methodology test suite

November 7, 2011

VeEX, a global leader in Telecom and CATV test solutions, announces the release of the V-SAM test suite for its VePAL V300 and VePAL V100+ series Ethernet products. The V-SAM feature is based on the recently ratified ITU-T Y.1564 standard which revolutionizes Ethernet test methodology by introducing an efficient and comprehensive test suite suited for Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul environments.

V-SAM (after VeEX SAM) has been designed and optimized with the end user in mind. “Our goal is that technicians with different skill levels will be able to quickly run the test and analyze the results, without prior detailed knowledge of the Y.1564 Service Activation Methodology standard,” said Ricardo Torres, VeEX director of product marketing. A summary of key features include:

– Test profiles can be created, stored and recalled on the tester, to facilitate quick setup on site. Test supervisors can also create profiles offline on a PC using ReVeal software for subsequent upload to the test set.

– A simple Pass/Fail banner and summary tables provide an intuitive and visual overview of the status of all services.

– Color coding of failed or failing parameters alerts and informs the user so that additional troubleshooting can be performed.

The V-SAM application will be showcased at the Ethernet Expo Americas, booth #213, in New York City on November 8-9, and at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, booth #1742, in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 15-17. For more information, please download the complimentary white paper on Y.1564 testing methodology available on the VeEX website at

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