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castLabs to provide UltraViolet-enabled cloud service

January 13, 2012

castLabs, a mobile video technologies and services company, has announced a comprehensive solution providing an UltraViolet-compliant cloud service tailored to the requirements of content providers and retailers. The service provides all necessary features to enable business customers to set up their own content business utilising UltraViolet.

The platform consists of an authoring tool for the UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF), a download service (DSP) and DASH-based streaming service (LASP). On the backend, the platform is integrated with the UltraViolet Coordinator, and on the frontend, public APIs provide  access to the DSP and LASP services for service provides who want to adopt the UltraViolet experience.

“Having started our UltraViolet product suite with an Android player targeted to consumers, we are now happy to complete our offering with the server-side technology necessary for the real ‘buy once, play anywhere’-experience promised by the UltraViolet digital library” said Michael Stattmann, Managing Director of castLabs.

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