Antena 3 interactive TV app

Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 is launching a new app, ‘ANT 3.0’, for Android and iOS smartphones that combines second-screen interactivity with audio watermarking technology from Intrasonics inserted into broadcast shows and adverts. The Antena 3 app, developed by marketing agency La Moderna, will enable audiences to interact directly with TV programmes in a range of different ways. It will début with the live talk show El Hormigeuro, one of Spain’s most popular programmes.

ANT 3.0 uses Intrasonics’ patented technology to respond to hidden codes in audio broadcasts, triggering actions on consumers’ smartphones and tablets and providing the opportunity for exciting audience engagement. Viewers will have the opportunity to engage with different types of programmes using their devices, such as commenting on live events, voting, linking to social media channels including Facebook and music sites, playing along or accessing exclusive content.

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