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RTL appoints new Chairman and co-CEOs

April 19, 2012

Following the annual general meeting of RTL Group, the Group’s newly composed Board of Directors has appointed Thomas Rabe as its new Chairman. Guillaume de Posch and Anke Schäferkordt have been appointed as new Co-CEOs of RTL Group, as already announced in February.

Thomas Rabe, Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann AG, succeeds Siegfried Luther whose mandate as Non-Executive Director expired after today’s AGM. Siegfried Luther had been a member of the RTL Group Board of Directors since 24 July 2000 and its Chairman since December 2004. Thomas Rabe says: “Siegfried Luther is one of the founding fathers of today’s RTL Group. He played a formative role in the Group’s highly successful development since its creation and in raising the quality of the work of the Board and its Committees. On behalf of all shareholders and Directors, I thank Siegfried Luther for his dedication and important contributions.”

The AGM appointed the following new members to the RTL Group Board of Directors: Elmar Heggen – RTL Group CFO and Head of the Corporate Centre in Luxembourg – Guillaume de Posch and Anke Schäferkordt as Executive Directors, and Bernd Kundrun and Rolf Schmidt-Holtz as Non-Executive Directors.

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