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E! Entertainment rapped for ‘Playboy’ shows

April 23, 2012

By Chris Forrester

E! Entertainment TV can expect to have its broadcasting knuckles rapped for showing racy scenes from Girls of the Playboy Mansion when children might have been watching.

Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting regulator, in its latest set of rulings, says that the NBC Universal-owned E! Entertainment channel is being considered for a “clear breach” of its broadcasting code.

Ofcom states that E! Entertainment showed prolonged sequences of nudity (although breasts, genital and buttocks were deliberately blurred) as the show followed a search for the 55th Playboy glamour model.

The shows were transmitted consecutively at various times during the Christmas bank holiday period when it was likely that children might have been watching, and were clearly not suitable for children.  NBC Universal, in its submission to Ofcom, said it had not been made aware by its own compliance team that there was questionable material within the programmes. They had now put in place a new compliance procedure and that the content had been re-edited.

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