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Triax TDX headend with new features

June 8, 2012

At ANGA Cable Triax presents new IPTV solutions for the TDX headend. The combination of headend and middleware offers access to international TV and radio channels, a gateway to PMS (property management system) or a customer-specific user interface. Additionally, users can choose from such functions as video- and music-on-demand, wake-up calls, internet guest account or messaging services. A new multiscreen solution makes it possible to send the inputs not only to TV sets but also to IP receivers, PCs, tablets, smartphones or other end device able to process IPTV signals. The other premiere is a CAS system which can be configured according to the principle of plug & play and enables a secure encryption of TV channels on all output modules. All in all, Triax – in cooperation with partners – now offers a complete IPTV solution as well as comprehensive service in planning, installation and support. Three new input types perfect the new introductions for the TDX headend. An IP-in functionality makes it possible to feed external IP data streams into the TDX IP pool while two input modules for HDMI and DVB-T/T2 enable the user to respectively include a digital HDMI signal or terrestrial signals of the SD (DVB-T) or HD (DVB-T2) standard. The modules can be easily installed while the system is up and running (HOT SWAP).

Thanks to the special TDX IP pool technology, the input and output modules of the headend work independent from each other. This allows a flexible mixture of channel packages. The IP-in function can be used to convert IP signals into PAL, QAM, COFDM, and IP. With the HDMI input module, digital video and audio signals from devices such as receivers, DVD players, laptops and cameras can be converted into MPEG4, fed into the TDX IP pool and then be directed to any output module.

The DVB-T/T2 input module has been constructed for the frequency ranges between 177.5 to 226.5 MHz and 474 to 858 MHz and features a tuner with adjustable amplification and a frequency filter. A COFDM demodulator sends a serial data stream to the TDX IP pool. This way, digital programs broadcast via terrestrial signals can be converted into QPSK, 8K and QAM 16 or QAM 64.

The new IP in functionality as well as the planned extensions concerning active and passive redundancy of the TDX hardware and the support of DNMP signaling (simple network management protocol) make the TDX headend the perfect solution for professional CATV networks.

Danish Triax A/S is among the leading international providers of systems for reception, processing and distribution of digital television, radio and data signals. A second business unit of the company specialises in high-quality cabinet systems used in the broadcasting sector, telecommunications or energy applications. Triax products are manufactured in Europe and China and provide customers with superior performance, economic efficiency and investment security.

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