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Eutelsat clarifies TooWay pricing

July 9, 2012

Eutelsat deservedly won plenty of editorial space last week with its news that its Ka-Sat multiple spot beam satellite was now offering a series of extremely competitive TooWay residential ‘broadband-by-satellite’ services. Eutelsat’s TooWay, said a Press Release, would offer users speeds of up to 18Mbps, an increase of 8Mbps. The release quoted a price of €24.90 for its ‘Flat 8’ service.

A new entry level package is also being launched, offering download speeds of up to 2Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps for an expected retail price of €19.90.

Unfortunately, the ‘Flat-8’ pricing was wrong. TooWay’s ‘Flat 2’ entry-level package is available at €19.90 but it offers just 2 Mb/s download, and 1 Mb/s up-load, with a pretty minuscule consumption level of just 2 GB per month of ‘consumption profile’ after which users can stay connected, but at a squeezed 128 kb/s bandwidth.

TooWay’s ‘Flat 8’ scheme (8 Mb/s download, 3 Mb/s up) and a total monthly consumption of 8 GB should have been quoted at the €29.90 rate (and not the originally mentioned €24.90), while a ‘full’ service of 50 GB/month (18 Mb/s download, 6 Mb/s upload) will cost users €89.90.

Eutelsat issued a clarification press release onto the news-wires in the early hours of Saturday morning, and making the pricing clear.

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