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Irdeto: Unleashing content’s potential at IBC 2012

August 20, 2012

At IBC, Irdeto will demonstrate how much money operators worldwide could be saving with Irdeto Cloaked CA.

Content Protection
Irdeto Cloaked CA, a cardless conditional access solution trusted by Hollywood studios and sports rights holders, delivers the same uncompromising security as a smart card, and typically provides 50 per cent savings to the operator by eliminating the costs and complexity of smart card distribution and management. Cloaked CA is designed for both broadcast and IP networks, and is deployed globally by industry-leading content providers including terrestrial, satellite and cable pay TV operators.

Irdeto Home Networking Security Solutions is a suite of technologies that help pay TV operators increase the value they deliver to their subscribers by securely distributing live broadcast and recorded PVR content from the STB to any device throughout the home. Irdeto offers both end-to-end solutions for proprietary content protection from the STB to mobiles, tablets and PCs/Macs, as well as DTCP-IP sink protection on target devices using the award-winning Irdeto ActiveCloak for Media solution. Irdeto’s advanced solutions offer domain management, complex business rule enforcement  and both streaming and sync-and-go capabilities. Irdeto will demonstrate these capabilities on a variety of different devices.

Broadband Content Management
The Irdeto Broadband Solution provides operators and content owners with the ideal environment within which to manage, protect and monetize video content everywhere. Comprising advanced content and metadata management by Irdeto MediaManager, content rights and user management by Irdeto Control, dynamic device security by Irdeto ActiveCloak for Media, multi-screen media experiences from Irdeto TV Services and content monetization from Irdeto Monetize, the solution is under-pinned with on-going professional, managed services that minimize risk and enable loyalty- and revenue-generating consumer experiences. Irdeto will demonstrate both its own end-to-end solution as well as a variety of live customer applications.

Piracy Management Services
Irdeto Intelligence, a global piracy management service that offers the Media & Entertainment Industry the most comprehensive commercial search and discovery capabilities for analyzing the impact of digital media online, providing the best anti-piracy measures and enabling effective marketing decisions through insightful business intelligence.  Irdeto Intelligence helps movie and TV studios, music labels, video game and eBook publishers enforce their copyrights by finding unauthorized content online, issuing takedown notices and tracking compliance across all major Internet distribution channels including peer-to-peer, web video, cyberlockers, search engines and ad networks. At IBC, Irdeto will be launching a number of new capabilities of the service, including a Unified Dashboard that gives at-a-glance insight into content piracy, as well as its new Ad Network Monitoring service that ensures ad networks are made aware when their customers’  dollars are being used to fund piracy activity.

Irdeto TraceMark
Irdeto TraceMark, a secure, scalable and efficient session-based watermarking solution, provides the most advanced technologies and services to help both operators and content owners fight against content re-distribution piracy on the Internet.  Its patented, fully server-based design ensures efficient protection for both live content and video on demand, and supports deployed consumer devices on any network.  The demo shows a watermarked video streamed to an iPad, and a detection service extracting the session ID from the video to identify the individual who illegally redistributed the content.

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